A record amount of expatriate income or remittances came to the country last June. In terms of monthly remittance collection, it was the highest in the last three years. The amount of remittances in June was 2199 million dollars or about 2.20 billion dollars. In the following month, July, the trend is downward. Remittance decreases. In July, the total remittance came to 197.3 million dollars or 1.97 billion dollars. Even if June’s record could not be touched, the stakeholders expressed hope that at least July’s trend would continue. But that hope fades as the month ends. Because, at the end of the whole month of August, the remittances in the country reached 159 crore 94 lakh 50 thousand dollars. In Bangladeshi currency (one dollar is equal to 109 taka), the amount is a little more than 17 thousand 433 crore taka. Which is less than the previous month of July. These images of expatriate income flow have emerged in the latest report of Bangladesh Bank.

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