Rangpur in we are ones who have completed “Ichche Mang Panch” of Kingbandanti Foundation

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Sharifa Begum Shiuli

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Eati Akter


“Amrai Kingavadanti Foundation” is a non-profit organization run by alumni of SSC 2000 and HSC 2002, which is moving forward with the conviction of working for human welfare. In addition to the backward members of the organization in human welfare, one of the main goals of the foundation is to work for the improvement of the quality of life of the neglected and special needs people and the children and adolescents of the society.
In addition to continuous social work, 100 chairs for the conference hall and various training materials for the training room were handed over to facilitate the regular training of more than one hundred students of the “Yusep Robertsonganj Technical School” located in Kutirpara, Alamnagar, Rangpur, with the exceptional initiative “Ichche Mang 5”. On Friday 17th May 24th, lunch was organized by the foundation for the students present. At this time, the importance of technical education in improving the quality of life of teenage students and the development of human values ​​was discussed. It should be noted that previously, a new three-wheeler was provided to “Kaligunj Pratibandhi Vidyalaya” of Lalmonirhat and another broken three-wheeler was repaired through “Ichche Manaan 1”; Through “Ichche Manaan 2” “Ekta Pratibandhi Uyanyan School & Rehabilitation Center” of Thakurgaon, transport vehicle damaged Laguna was repaired; A new 3 wheeler and 5 wheel chairs were given to the “Visual Sansthan Buddhi Pratibandhi Vidyalaya” of Rangpur through “Ichche Manaan 3”; and handover of new three wheeler auto to “Nurul Amin Autism and Intellectual Disability School” in Mymensingh through “Ichche Manaan 4”; 7 wheel chairs, 1 pair of crutches and educational materials were distributed under the initiative of “Project Apasta”. At this time, the organizers expressed their firm conviction to continue the program of improving the quality of life of children and teenagers under the “wish fulfillment” program in the future. At the same time, it is intended to spread this program to remote areas across the country in the coming days. 25 volunteers from various districts including Dhaka, Rangpur of the foundation, Nazmul Hossain, legendary group administrator of Rangpur, Hamim Abdullah, legendary member of Rangpur and local dignitaries of Rangpur participated in this program.
It should be noted that “Amrai Kingbadanti Foundation” was registered with the Directorate of Joint Capital Companies and Firms on September 5, 2019. Earlier Facebook based group “SSC 2000 & HSC 2002 (We Are Legends)” started on November 15, 2017, which currently has around 50 thousand members. The group has also engaged in various social activities from social responsibility; Among these are the free oxygen bank activities during the Covid-19 period, cleanliness and public awareness across the country, support programs for children with special needs, free health camps, winter clothes for the helpless people, supply of daily necessities and continuous food distribution, treatment and food supply to old age homes, the incurable. Various activities including financial assistance and blood donation programs for members suffering from disorders. There are also sustainable initiatives like self-reliance and wish-fulfillment through which nearly half a hundred people have already been employed. The members of this group are planning to provide all the basic services including medical services to the needy people of every region of the country including the backward members of the group.

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