Rajshahi University’s brilliant former student leader of the 80s, principal Anu

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Principal Anwarul Islam Anu was born on December 30, 1964 in Durmallika village of Singra Upazila in a noble Muslim family. He has been playing an active role in politics since the establishment of Bangladesh Nationalist Chhatra Dal in 1979. Presently working as Principal of Singra Damdama Pilot School and College, a reputed educational institution of Natore district. He is the President of Bangladesh Teachers Association Singra Upazila Branch and the best principal of the Upazila. Current political position is General Secretary of Singra City BNP from 2003 to 2017. In terms of political position, he is the President of Singra Thana Chhatra Dal from 1983-85, General Secretary of Motherbox Hall of Rajshahi University from 1985-87, Joint General Secretary of Rajshahi University Chhatra Dal from 1987-90, Singra Thana BN from 1996-2002. Pir was joint general secretary. Anti-Ershad movement, 90’s public uprisings and various times have played an important role in the movement and have been victims of torture. Since joining the nationalist organization, he has played a constructive role in social service by participating in party activities, performing active duties and being involved in social activities. 1/11-During the state of emergency, national leader Begum Khaleda Zia organized the team along with the leaders and activists of the area as per the telephone instructions. In this situation, with the aim of strengthening and dynamizing Singra Upazila BNP and reflecting the views of Trinamul leaders and workers, and Natore district BNP’s son of North Bengal, organizational secretary Rajshahi division, former successful minister, beloved leader, public leader Ed. In order to strengthen the hand of M. Ruhul Quddus Talukdar Dulu Bhai, I would like to see clean political personality Principal Anwarul Islam Anu Bhai as the president of Singra Upazila BNP.

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