RAB-10 arrested 01 drug dealer along with 09 kg of ganja and foreign liquor while carrying drugs in a passenger bus

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Since its inception, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been playing a leading role in bringing all types of criminals under the law to maintain the overall law and order situation in the country. RAB has been conducting regular operations against militants, terrorists, organized criminals, armed criminals, robbers and narcotics. RAB has continued its anti-narcotics campaign to eradicate drugs with the slogan “Let’s go to war, against drugs”.

In continuation of this, on the afternoon of 30th September 2023 AD, an expeditionary team of RAB-10 conducted an operation in Bhanga toll plaza area under Bhanga police station of Faridpur district based on secret information. In the said raid, 01 drug dealer was arrested along with 09 (nine) kg of ganja and 01 bottle of foreign liquor worth approximately 2,71,200/- (Two Lakh Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred) taka while transporting ganja and foreign liquor in Dhaka bound passenger bus in travel bags. The arrested person’s name is Md Golam Rasul (23), father-deceased Mohsin Sheikh, permanent address-East Bagmara, Thana-Rupsa, District-Khulna.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the arrested person is a professional drug dealer. For quite some time, he had been collecting ganja and foreign liquor along with other narcotics from different border areas of the country and supplying them in travel bags to different areas of the country including the capital Dhaka.

A drug case was registered against the arrested person: Transferred to the concerned police station.

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