Public works executive in Patuakhali does not know who is cultivating fish on his land

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Kazi Mamun

Coastal Correspondent

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Eati Akter

Sub editor

 At present, the beautification area of Patuakhali town is Jhautla, where all the professionals and ordinary people with all classes of officials are constantly moving, but fish farming is being done there openly on government land. According to sources, the land is owned by Patuakhali Public Works. When asked about this, Public Works Executive Commissioner Harun and Rashid said that I do not know who or who is cultivating this fish. However, he confirmed that no permission or license was given to anyone for public works. Going to the surface, it is known that an influential contractor named Bappi is cultivating this fish. Talking to the contractor Bappi about this, he said that his business contracting never falls into fish farming. However, there is a person who is looking after his side who is doing fish farming but the contractor Bappi did not tell his name at this time. He also said that in the past days there was littering there which cost 2 to 2.5 lakhs to clean. After that, when paddy was cultivated, the land was empty due to poor harvest, now fish is being cultivated. The general public and people of various professions say that due to the recent increase in dengue and the fact that it is located in front of the District Commissioner’s residence, this low-lying land, which was waterlogged during the monsoon season, has been cleaned, but no person or contractor has done it with their own pocket money. On the other hand, the mouths of the drains have been closed by the newly constructed municipality to drain the water in the drains due to fish farming so that the water of that land cannot be drained out. In this regard, public works executive Harun and Rashid said, we do not know who is farming fish there. However, the matter will be investigated.

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