Press conference to protest against arbitrariness and illegal trade at Fazil Degree Madrasa in Rangpur

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 Sohel Rana held a press conference on behalf of the local residents to protest against the irregularities in the formation of the governing pill of the Rangpur Sadar police station, Lalchadpur Khan, and the multi-faceted Fazil degree madrasa.

On Saturday (September 9, 23) in a press conference at Lalchadpur Salayashah Eidgah grounds, former vice president of the governing body of Samaj Sevak Lalchadpur Khan U. Bahumukhi Fazil Degree Madrasa Md. Sohail Rana made a written statement and said that on 22/09/2022 at the Islamic Arabic University. A letter of formation of the governing body signed by the office of the registrar, whose memorandum no. In that light, according to the Ordinance of the Arab University, the same person cannot hold the position of president more than 2 times in an educational institution. But how the current president AKM Mahabub Alam Biswas was appointed as president 3 times in a row, we common guardians and residents did not know that till now. We local people do not know who is Mahabub Alam Biswas. Where is his house, what do you do? And none of the sons and daughters of the current guardian members are studying in this educational institution. We want to know the guardians and residents of the governing body how he is appointed as a donor member. Teacher representative of the governing body Md. Sahidul Islam, Md. Awal Hassan Chowdhury, Apan Bhaira Bhai. Guardian member Mrs. Amjad Hasen and Donor member Mrs. Oliul Islam, both of them are the adopted children of teacher representative Awal Hasen Chowdhury. members of the same family. We the common parents and residents are shocked and pained. This committee is not formed according to rules, only on paper and pen. It is said that there are no students in this institution due to this dishonest committee. There are more teachers than students, so this committee has not held any meeting in the institution so far, only the meeting is shown in the papers. With the help of members of the governing body and the dishonest president of the same family, the old building of the madrasa has been sold elsewhere by this dishonest president without bidding and embezzled the sale money. In 2014, they hired 6 teachers and 1 office assistant and collected money from them. No one knows what sector the money was spent on. In 2022, they again hired 1 computer operator and 1 nanny and collected money from them. Collected money. We do not know in which sector that money was spent. Currently again 1 office assistant has given recruitment notification for various posts including vacant posts. No one knows which newspaper has advertised the job. The committee is doing damage by occupying and mortgaging the large amount of land donated by the people of the madrasa. If there is anarchy in the institution, the number of students in the institution will reach zero. As this institution has become a family educational institution, we strongly demand its abolition. After the press conference, the local residents held a protest rally to protect the institution from the hands of the president of the Ralugrass Governing Body, requesting the government to investigate the above issues on the ground.

Abdul Quddus, former UP member of Ward No. 5 of Khalea Union, Abdul Majed, UP member of Ward No. 2, Rustam Ali Patwari, Rabiul Islam Ravi, Khairul Islam, Samaj Sevak Nurul Islam Pramanik, Anishul Haque and various dignitaries of four unions were present. And print media journalists.

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