Pioneers of modern film journalism Today is 10th death anniversary of Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury 

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Today is the death anniversary of Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury Khoka Bhai, legendary film journalist, screenwriter of numerous popular films, storyteller and lyricist. On this day in 2013, he left the illusion of the world and went to the afterlife. It is only a decade since we lost this great man. But in these few days, we have been forgetting like ungrateful people. His contribution, efforts, development ideas and lifelong love in Dhaka is the film. It is difficult to find him anywhere except on birth and death dates. Today, film journalist organizations are busy protecting personal interests. They try to keep good people immortal without thinking about the development of the natives. In the same way, there is not much commemoration of this deceased guardian, who is known as Khoka Bhai. At least for today. He has left a shining example that journalists can also be the heroes of the film. He has written about films for more than four decades. ‘Pichdhala Path’, ‘Call New Name’, ‘Dancing Doll’, ‘Wadi To Begum’, ‘Fire’, ‘Magic Flute’, ‘Mastan’, ‘Tufan’, ‘Last Answer’, ‘Love In Singapore’, He wrote screenplays for famous and popular new films like ‘Shashurbari’, ‘Miss Lanka’, ‘Doordesh’. I fell in love with you on this dark road, don’t go mate, I will call you by a new name, who you come, go, O water of the river, don’t go away on this rainy night, you have stolen my heart, I can’t bear your tears, my love, like a bird can’t live without magic. , Why do you carry a heartache friend, Goodbye friend, You are now good bye, Prem piriti chai ke siya samay amay pagal bale’ also wrote some timeless film songs. He is late film journalist Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury. who was also known as Ajachau and Khoka Bhai by all. So it has to be realized with sadness, how will the new generation know about him and how will he get the opportunity to follow him where the old people have forgotten the name of this legendary journalist-film lover! But there are many reasons to remember him, there are occasions. Like today, Nayakraj Razzak will be remembered a lot on his birthday. Because, it was he who gave the title of ‘Nayakraj’ to the hero in the eighties. Nayakraj himself has gratefully acknowledged that and proudly said it. Every year on the occasion of his birthday, he repeatedly heard the word ‘Nayakraj’ before his name, Razzak shed tears while remembering his dear friend. When Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury died on March 6, 2013, Razzak could not see him for the last time as he was out of the country. After returning to the country, he was overwhelmed with emotions and told the journalists, ‘Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury was my closest friend among journalists. My title ‘Nayakraj’ was given by him. How much time has passed with me. When I was at the height of my popularity as a hero, Khoka (Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury) gave me this title after doing various calculations.’ Razzak also said, ‘As long as I am Nayakraj, my friend Khoka will live with me. As long as Dhaka film lives, one Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury (Khoka) will live. Because there was no way to deny his contribution to the films of this country. We assumed our little brother was alive, alive, alive in the movie. Because our hero has taken immortality. Not only that, he will be remembered by pronouncing the name of legendary film actor Sohail Rana. Because, Sohail Rana was given the name from Masood Parvez by late eminent film journalist, screenwriter, storyteller and lyricist Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury. Sohail Rana said, ‘I will never forget the encouragement and role of Sumita Devi, Mostafiz, SM Shafi and Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury in making me act as a hero. Their debt is never worth repaying.’ Journalism started in 1970 through popular cinema magazine ‘Chitrali’. After that, after performing various duties, he also performed the editorial duties of the magazine for 10 years. In all, he was associated with Chitrali for 20 years. After Chitrali, he served two years as a feature editor in Dainik Yugantar newspaper. He has also lectured on film and media at Dhaka University and Stamford University. last word Many occasions will come and go, where you will remember your brother again and again. He will forever be honored in obscurity, as in obscurity he lived an illustrious life; Whether someone organizes it or not. So congratulations to the creator of this title on Nayakraj’s birthday. May he be well in the unseen world.

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