P-20 Conference will play a role in advancing women to overcome existing challenges: Speaker

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Speaker of the National Parliament. Shireen Sharmin Chowdhury MP said that women are an important part of economic and social progress. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the women of Bangladesh have set a shining example of economic and political empowerment. He said that the P-20 conference will play a role in advancing women by overcoming the existing challenges. He said these things while participating in the discussion meeting titled ‘Mainstreaming Gender Equality from Women’s Development to Women’s Development’ of the 9th G-20 Parliamentary Speakers Summit (P-20) held in New Delhi today. Speaker Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury said that the contribution of women to the overall development of the country is half. From entrepreneurship to housework, women continue to leave a mark of success. Women’s leadership should be welcomed by all while ensuring their participation at the policy-making level in empowering women. He said that it is important to establish gender equality in every sphere of life. Sustainable development can be achieved through inclusive progress. It is very important for girls to get proper education. A sustainable economy can be achieved if women are fully integrated into the mainstream of the economy. Women are the wealth of the country. All should cooperate from the social and state level in the elimination of discrimination against women, prevention of violence against women, improvement of the quality of life of women, respect for working women and working women. The Speaker commented that if the economic role of women is strengthened, the country’s economy will be more stable. Speaker of India’s Lok Sabha Om Birla presided over the conference, President of the Senate of Australia Sue Lyons, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico Marcela Guerra Castillo, Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa Nosivie Noluthanda Mapisa Nkwala, Speaker of the Congress of Deputies of Spain Francisco Socias, Deputy President of the Senate of Nigeria Jibrin Barau. And Badaria Al Sahihi, Vice President of the State Council of Oman, delivered a speech. Speakers from different countries were present.

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