Organized propaganda against Awami League leader in Cantonment police station

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Accused of organized propaganda against a leader discussed for the post of Awami League General Secretary of the Cantonment Police Station of the capital. As the successful organizing secretary of the past committee of Atrathana Aomileeeg, Haji Abbas Uddin is ahead of the general secretary in the list of the proposed committee of the future, it has been alleged that this is an attempt to destroy his political image. This matter is known after talking with the Awami League Trinamool leaders and their strong leadership Haji Abbas Uddin. He says, I don’t want to think of anyone as an opponent. My aim is to be involved in social and political activities and work for the party with integrity. The freedom fighters of my police station are ordinary people and work in the area with the leaders and activists of the Trinamul. By inciting journalists against me, miscreants have risen up to defame the party. Which could not destroy my political image and will not be able to. I always work for local people. It is known that his social constructive activities are like a peddler of humanity. In recent times, he has built a mosque with his own funds, set up a water tank to ensure water supply to the people of Elka, and has been praised by people of all walks of life, including the freedom fighter society of the area. In the political circles, the clean image and the acceptance and popularity of the city leaders are being conspired to make him politically disgraceful. About his military activities and acceptability, the president of the city Awami League, public leader Sheikh Bazlur Rahman said, Worker support and political performance of Abbas is good in the movement We will walk the path shown by the leader to face the challenges of the future.

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