Notice against the principal and two teachers of Aziz Ahmed College

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Md. Ahsanul Haq (Index: 3079708), Principal of Aziz Ahmed College, Patuakhali, has been appointed as Principal from Lecturer (Chemistry) through fraud and Md. Ebadul Haque (Index: 3079715) Lecturer (Management) of the same college has been illegally appointed and embezzled government funds. Assistant Director (College-3) Tapan Kumar Das of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh directed the President of the College Management Council to show reasons why their MPO should not be canceled within five working days and to give an opinion on the same within the same period. Which letter memo no: 7G-154(A-3)2010/5942/5, dated: 03.12.2023 Eng.

According to the letter, two separate investigation committees of the National University and the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education were formed based on the written complaint of several people, including Md Jasim Uddin, a resident of Muradiya, a member of the founding family of Aziz Ahmed College. In the on-site investigation report submitted by the constituted investigation committee, the appointment of Principal Ahsanul Haque and Lecturer Ebadul Haque is illegal and recommended to take disciplinary action. In view of this complaint, the Acting College Inspector of National University, Fahima Sultana, in a letter signed on September 19 last year, asked the President of the College Governing Body to take disciplinary action against Principal Ahsanul Haque for his moral lapses, arbitrariness with teachers and concealment of his title and experience during appointment to the post of Principal. Requested. On the other hand, in a letter signed by Tapan Kumar Das, Assistant Director of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, on November 23 last year, he ordered to give an explanation and opinion within 5 working days regarding the same complaint against Principal Ahsanul Haque and the illegal appointment of Md. Ebadul Haque, a lecturer in management of the college.

Muradia Aziz Ahmed Degree College, Patuakhali, Principal Ahsanul Haque, is still under remand. On the other hand, the instructions of the National University and the Directorate of Secondary Education to resolve the question of validity of senior management lecturer Ebadul Haque’s employment have also been ignored. Based on these allegations, two separate investigation reports of the Directorate of Education and the National University ordered the college governing body to take disciplinary action stating that the appointment of the accused was illegal, but it has not been implemented even in the last one and a half years.

Complaints have been raised that the president and principal of the college governing body have been wasting time by giving various excuses without implementing the instructions of the higher authority.

Meanwhile, the president of the governing body suspended the lecturer Sheila Halder for tarnishing the reputation of the college due to immoral relations, but did not take any action against the evil principal Ahsanul Haque involved in the incident even in the last one year.

The Principal of Suchtur Ahsanul Haque is challenging the order of the National University and filing a case in the High Court. Recently, the information of forgery and corruption raised against Principal Ahsanul Haque in a general diary filed by Farid Ahmed, the lecturer of that college, in this regard at Dumki police station was proved in the overall investigation.

Apart from this, Al-Amin, a lecturer in economics of the same college, who was temporarily suspended due to imprisonment for one and a half consecutive months in a case of dowry and women abuse, has also been accused of revoking the order of dismissal and paying salary allowance before the case was settled.

To know the receipt of the show cause notice, the principal tried several times on the cell phone to give his statement, but the president of the college committee, Adv. Haroon Or Rashid Howladar said that he received the letter. The Principal has given me his show cause reply today (Thursday), I have forwarded it to the appropriate authority with my comments.

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