Mother’s complaint against expatriate son for beating up father in Kalaye

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 In Kashipurhal village of Kalai upazila of Joypurhat, expatriate son Ekramul Haque has been accused of beating up his father over the division of land among three sons. The old father is now undergoing treatment at the upazila health complex after being beaten up by his expatriate son. In a press conference at Kalai Press Club on Thursday afternoon, Jahanara Bibi, the wife of the injured old man and mother of three sons, accused the expatriate son

Ekramul Haque of beating up his father. Saheb Ali, younger brother of the injured old man Osman Gani, his two sons Ruhul Amin and Muminur Rahman, daughter Gulnahar and son’s wife Fahima Akhtar were present at that time.

In a written statement at the press conference, in the presence of mother Jahana, her elder son Ruhul Amin complained that the accused Ekramul Haque had been in Saudi Arabia for a long time. In the year 2000, the old father Osman Gani wrote his 98 century land in the name of three sons in equal shares in the deed. This news goes to expatriate son Ekramul. Meanwhile, the two boys in the country built separate houses in their parts and continued to live. Among these, son Ekramul Haque returned home from Saudi Arabia on April 15 this year. Expatriate Ekramul questions why father Osman Gani deeded his property to his three sons in equal shares. There is a quarrel with father and mother about this. A few days ago there was Shalish in the village.

It was also alleged in the press conference that on June 7, old man Osman Gani came to the Kalai sub-register office. On hearing the news, expatriate son Ekramul took 4/5 members of his in-law’s family with him and beat up his father Osman Gani in front of everyone at the Kalai sub register office premises. At that time, other people came and rescued the old Osman Gani and admitted him to the Upazila Health Complex. Meanwhile, mother Jahanara hides in other people’s houses at night, fearing for her child. On Thursday morning, old Jahanara secretly came to the hospital with her son and daughter. On the way to the press conference after coming out from there, Ekramul and his people were blocked on the road. Later they went to Kalai police station and lodged a written complaint against Ekramul and some unknown people. The expatriate Ekramul’s father is under treatment in the hospital due to such torture. Two brothers and mother are running away. Ekramul continues to threaten their lives. The elderly Jahanara and her family sought the cooperation of the administration to get the safety of such a greedy son through a press conference.

Ekramul Haque, expatriate son of the accused, said, “This is our family matter.” We don’t talk about what happened between us. You can write what you are told. I have nothing to say about it.

Kalai Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) SM Moinuddin said, I have received a written complaint. Legal action will be taken after investigation.

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Mahfuz Rahman

Joypurhat Correspondent

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