Fewer people from the father’s house are invited to the naming ceremony of the son. Tahmina Akhter was upset by this. How to teach a husband while knitting. In the end she played the role of Paashani’s mother. She killed her two-month-old baby to teach her husband. The incident happened in Chanderpara village of Nasirnagar upazila of Brahmanbaria. Police arrested Tahmina Akhtar in this incident. Tahmina, the mother of five children, confessed to the murder during interrogation by the police. In this incident, the husband said. Khokon Mia is preparing to file a case against Tahmina as the plaintiff. Talking to the local people and the police, it is known that Tahmina Akhtar of Chanderpara village of East Union was married to Khokon Mia of Noorpur village of the upazila for about 11 years. Khokon is a bricklayer by profession. After marriage, husband and wife often quarreled about family matters. They have two sons and three daughters. Sime was born last two months ago. Seven days after the birth, a naming ceremony is organized at the husband’s home in Nurpur village. Khokon and Tahmina are not displeased because less people are invited to their father’s house. In this situation, Tahmina angrily left her father’s house. Planned to teach her husband. Tahmina dropped her two-month-old baby Saim in the pond next to her house around 11 pm last Saturday. That same day and night, Tahmina kept telling the people of the village including her father’s house that her husband Khokon Mia had come and run away with the baby Saim. People of Chanderpara village found Saim’s body in the pond on Sunday morning. In the afternoon, the police came and recovered the body and sent it to the district headquarter hospital morgue for autopsy. The police arrested Tahmina on Monday morning as the conversation was suspicious. In this regard Nasirnagar police station officer in charge (OC). Habibullah Sarkar said, in the initial interrogation, he admitted to killing the child by throwing it in the pond. In this regard, husband Khokon Mia is preparing to file a case as a plaintiff. 

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