Mathbaria in chairman candidature cancellation after Riazuddin’s of the meeting: Workers were instructed to prepare with bamboo sticks

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A scary situation has arisen in Mathbaria of Pirojpur around the Upazila Parishad elections. Upazila Chairman candidate Riaz Uddin Ahmed’s brother, former Upazila Chairman Ashrafur Rahman’s offensive and provocative statements are leading Mathbaria to the battlefield. The candidate is also using the power of Mathbaria’s elder brother, Shamim Shahnewaz, the current member of parliament. Immediately after the cancellation of the candidate, Sapleja vandalized the election office of the candidate with doat-pen marks in Amragachia Bazar of the Union. On May 13, Ashrafur Rahman disobeyed the order of the EC and held a rally in favor of Riaz Ahmed with pineapples on sticks in the upazila city after giving symbols to the candidates. At that time, Ashraf ordered the pineapple marker workers to make a three-and-a-half-hand bamboo stick. The election commission first heard the incident of his provocative speech and threats as a violation of the code of conduct at the office of the Assistant Returning Officer in Pirojpur.

Chairman candidate Riaz was called to the Election Commission Secretariat in Dhaka on Thursday (May 23) as he was not satisfied with the hearing. As the Election Commission was not satisfied with the hearing there as well, considering the matter as a major violation of code of conduct and a crime, Riaz Uddin’s candidature was cancelled. However, chairman candidate Riaz Uddin and his brother Ashrafur Rahman did not stop. After the cancellation of the candidature, instead of stopping the campaign, the former upazila chairman Ashrafur Rahman, the brother of the candidate, held a large rally in favor of Anaras Marka at Maherpool market in Mathbaria upazila around 9 pm. At this time, he made various offensive and provocative statements aimed at the opposing party. So that panic spread throughout Mathbaria.

In his speech, Ashrafur Rahman called the rival candidate as a bad power and asked the activists to be ready with bamboo sticks. Ashraf also mentioned that Mathbaria should be made independent again with bamboo sticks. That is why the leaders and activists are asked to roar. Ashrafur Rahman boasted that he made his elder brother Shamim Shahnewaz an MP in just 15 days on January 7 with a banana stick mark. I will destroy everything with their toothless answers. Meanwhile, despite the cancellation of the candidature, on Friday (May 24) morning, activists were seen promoting pineapple markers and distributing leaflets in various areas and markets of Mathbaria. Local voter Khalilur Rahman has complained that Ashrafur Rahman became the upazila chairman in 2014 upazila parishad election by threatening to vote by using weapons. Awami League gave him the boat symbol in the recent national elections. The seat was later ceded to the Jatiya Party based on compromise. Ashraf showed thumbs up to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s decision. Using his own influence, he intimidated and made his brother an MP. Considering the overall issue, the common people of the area are expressing fear of bloody clashes in Mathbaria ahead of the May 29 upazila elections. However, no statement was received from the canceled chairman candidate Riaz Uddin Ahmed or his brother Ashrafur Rahman regarding the complaint.

Election Returning Officer and Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Madhubi Roy said that no complaints were received regarding holding meetings or threats last night. Action will be taken if written complaint is received.

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