Little Nuha’s heart is broken, parents’ desire to save

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Md.Mamun Hossain

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Twins Nuha and Neha are only one year old.  Although one sister is healthy, the parents are worried about the other sister.  After birth, the doctor said that the baby girl Nuha had a hole in her heart due to respiratory problems. The operation should be done quickly. But due to lack of money, even after a year, the poor father is not able to get the surgery done. As the days go by with the hole in the heart, the fear and anxiety of the parents is increasing.

Nuha is the daughter of Nayan Bhuiyan and Akalima Begum of Jahanpur Union Ward No. 5 of Charfassion Upazila of Bhola District.

Nuha’s father Nayan said, among the three children, Neha and Nuha are twin sisters.  Nuha grew up with illness from childhood.  Can’t breathe now. Nuhar’s physical condition is deteriorating day by day. The doctor said to do the operation quickly but it is not possible for me to raise so much money.  He requested everyone’s cooperation to save his daughter.

Among the three children, Nafis is the eldest son, he is 12 years old.  Then on September 18 last year, twin sisters were born through normal delivery at home.

He was referred to Dr. Charfassion  Majumdar Laboratory Diagnostic Center for complications since birth. When taken to it, he suggested an echo test of the heart.  The echo found that the child has three leaks in the heart. Then the doctor of BNK hospital in Dhaka. Kamrul Ahsan Khan suggested that he should undergo an operation which required around 5 lakh rupees.

Nuha’s mother, Akalima Begum, asked for everyone’s help and said that it is very difficult for her as a mother to see her daughter like this in front of her eyes.  If everyone cooperates a little, I can get Nuha operated.  The child’s parents have appealed to the rich and hearty people of the country for help.

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News Source

Md.Mamun Hossain

Charfassion (Bhola) Correspondent

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