Lalmonirhati Miscreants uprooted 4 thousand cucumber trees

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Miscreants have uprooted nearly 4 thousand cucumber trees full of fruit from two bigha of land in Aditmari upazila of Lalmonirhat.

Aggrieved farmer Sudhanshu Barman (40) filed a complaint in the name of unidentified persons in Aditmari Police Station on Tuesday (February 28) afternoon.

Along with this, another farmer Sukh Chan (32) filed another written complaint with the Upazila Agriculture Officer as a plaintiff.

Earlier on Monday (February 27), around 4,000 cucumber trees were uprooted in the land of the two farmers in Bara Kamalbari Zora Mandir area of ​​the upazila.

It is known that the farmer Sudhanshu Barman cultivated cucumbers on 40 percent of the land by taking loans from the Land Barga and NGOs.  Those trees also started bearing fruit.

Cucumbers could be taken to the market in just 10-12 days.  But on Tuesday morning he went to the field and saw who or what had uprooted all the trees in his land.

The same is the case with his neighbor Sukh Chan Chandra.  All the cucumber trees cultivated in 21 percent of the land taken by barga were uprooted.  Cucumbers began to grow in his field.  His cucumbers were supposed to be sent to the market next week.

Affected farmer Sudhanshu Barman said that he has no land.  I cultivate cucumbers by taking other people’s land and taking loans from NGOs.  Miscreants have uprooted all the trees in the field in the dark of night.  Last year, I sold cucumbers worth one and a half lakh rupees from this land.  This year, the dream was to sell two lakh rupees worth of cucumbers.  But miscreants broke his dream in the dark of night.

Another farmer, Sukh Chan, said that he spent 25 thousand rupees on selling cows and cultivated cucumbers on 21 percent of the land taken by Barga.  When the plantation was grown, it would sell for one and a half lakh rupees.  It was a dream to build a cow farm with that money.  But miscreants have shattered all those dreams.

Aditmari Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Mozammel Haque said that the complaint will be investigated and legal action will be taken soon.

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