Lalmonirhat Wife cuts husband’s penis while sleeping 

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On Friday (September 15) in the morning, the male genital mutilation of Apel Mia, son of daily laborer Saiful Islam, of Guriyadah village of Gokunda Union of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila took place.

Husband Apel was rescued with serious injuries and admitted to Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital.  He is currently undergoing treatment in the surgery ward.  Lalmonirhat Sadar police station arrested the killer’s wife in this incident.

Locals said that around 1 century ago Saiful Islam’s son Apel Mia got married in a family way with Chhatku Mamud’s daughter of Kazi Chawra village of Harati Union of Sadar Upazila.  After marriage, two sons were born in their family life.

Recently, two months ago, Apple’s wife went to her father’s house and did not want to come back to her husband’s house when the quarrel between husband and wife escalated over a trivial incident.  A few days ago, Apple’s parents brought the son’s wife home.  A few days after being brought home, the husband cut off the male penis of Apple Mia early on Friday morning.  After receiving the news, Sadar police station arrested the killer’s wife and brought her to the police station.

Victim Apple said, like every day we fall asleep.  Later, when I woke up to the pooch with the blade in the morning, he said how does it feel now?

Dr. Hamidul Haque Hiru, emergency department doctor of Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital, said seven stitches were given to the patient’s penis.  He was admitted to the hospital and kept in the surgery ward.

In this regard, Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station OC Omar Farooq confirmed the truth of the incident and said that the victim’s wife has been detained.

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