Lalmonirhat Three sisters from same family of are national best in various competitions

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Three sisters from the same family of Lalmonirhat have won the honor of becoming the country’s best in various competitions. Jannat Ara Parveen Vadai, Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officer of Basintari area of ​​Aditmari Upazila Sadar, is working as an Assistant Teacher in GS Model Government Primary School.

Fariha Azam Shifa, the first daughter of Sipan and Parveen’s three daughters, is a class 10 student of Govt. Aditmari GS Model High School.  The second daughter, Fabiha Azam Shin, is a class 4 student of Vadai GS Model Government Primary School.  The third daughter, Fahima Azam Shaki, is a class 3 student of the same school.  Apart from the three sisters studying, they participated in various competitions and won the honor of being the best in the country by storming the discussions in the district and department.

It is known that all the three girls in the family of Sipan and Parveen are very talented.  In addition to her studies, the first sister Fariha Azam Shifa Begum won the first place in the Girl in Scout group in the national drawing competition 2022 on the occasion of Rokeya Day.  In the same competition, the third sister Fahima Azam Shaki became the first in the girl in cub group.  In addition, both sisters are preparing to participate at the national level after becoming the regional best in the ongoing National Talent Search Competition 2023.  The two sister countries hope to be the best in this competition.

The second sister, Fabiha Azam Shin, stood first in the Quran reading group in the National Merit Search 2022.  In the same competition this year, he stood second in the region in recitation in 2023.  Also preparing to compete in the region in the ongoing National Primary Education Medal 2023 by bagging the district best in three events.  The events are solo acts, recitals and Best Cub Shishu.

Fariha Azam Shifa, the eldest sister, said that her big dream in life was to be the best in the country and receive awards and houses from the hands of the president or the prime minister.  By the grace of Almighty Allah, all three sisters have become the best in the country.  Now the dream is to receive an award from the President or the Prime Minister.  I hope that dream will come true one day.

Locals said, the entire district is floating in praise of the three daughters of Fakhrul Azam Sipan and Jannat Ara Parveen.  The couple has started being called as proud parents.

Father Fakhrul Azam Sipan and mother Jannat Ara Parveen said about the achievements of girls, we don’t have any sons.  All three girls are our property.  Their success makes us proud.  They used to participate in any competition from childhood.  Their dream was to achieve the glory of being the best country.  Their dream has come true.  They ask everyone to pray for the future success of their children.

In this regard, Aditmari Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) GR Sarwar said, not only the people of the district but also the people of Rangpur division are proud of the achievements of their three sisters.  Upazila Parishad is doing all kinds of support to maintain their success and will continue in the coming days.  Wish them more success.

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