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186 temporary workers of Lalmonirhat Railway TLR are living inhuman life.  These workers have to lead a miserable life as they have not received any salary this year.

On Monday (June 12), temporary railway workers TLRs working in Lalmonirhat expressed their grief.

According to railway sources, the number of sanctioned posts of railways in the whole country is 47 thousand 6 hundred and 37 people.  On the contrary, Bangladesh Railways activities are being conducted with about 25 thousand manpower.  Various activities of Railways are being conducted with TLRs of about 7 thousand temporary workers year after year out of sanction.  Out of this, 185 workers are working in TLR at 72 stations under Lalmonirhat Divisional Railway.  186 workers working in the positions of Railway Poiseman, Gatekeeper, Porter, Station Master, TLR are directly involved in the safety of Railways.  Due to the non-payment of salary during this year’s holy Eidul-Fitr and the possibility of receiving salary during the upcoming Eidul-Azha, the TLR workers working in various temporary positions are living an inhumane life with their families.

Zakir Hossain Jewel, working as a temporary gatekeeper in Lalmonirhat Divisional Railway, said that we could not celebrate last Idul Fitr due to non-payment of salary this year.  I thought I would get salary after Eid but we are on the path of uncertain future as there is no possibility of getting salary.  So the days are spent in trouble with the family.

Mohammad Fuhad, who is working as a lampman, said, I am working but I cannot make my family members smile.  I could not buy clothes for family members last Eid.  Everyone will have to go without food if they don’t get paid before Eid.

Mohammad Rakib, who works as a lampman, said that even those who take the rest of the expenses from the shops and give them to the family do not want to pay the rest now.  Who will listen to our suffering?  We strongly demand the government to pay our arrears as soon as possible.  Otherwise the family members will die of starvation.

Central President of Bangladesh Railway Pet Society Moniruzzaman Monir said that TLRs, the unaided workers of railways, have been risking their lives and ignoring heavy rains to perform their duties at various railway stations, but they are not getting their wages.  Therefore, I am demanding the arrears of TLRs from the railway authorities.

In this regard, Lalmonirhat Divisional Railway Transport Officer Md. Abdullah Al Mamun said that due to lack of budget allocation, it was not possible to pay the salary of the workers working in temporary positions i.e. TLR.  We have issued an official letter for payment of salary to them.

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