Lalmonirhat nomination of 19 valid, 8 invalid

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In the 12th National Assembly elections, the nominations of 19 people in the three constituencies of Lalmonirhat are valid, the nominations of 8 people, including independent candidates, are invalid.

Lalmonirhat District Returning Officer and Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ullah announced that 19 of the 27 candidates were valid and 7 were canceled and 1 was suspended after checking the nomination papers of the candidates at the District Commissioner and Returning Officer’s office on Sunday (December 03) afternoon.

Earlier, the district returning officer declared Social Welfare Minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed’s nomination valid for Lalmonirhat-2 (Aditmari Kaliganj) constituency.

It is known that 30 people including independent candidates collected nomination papers in three constituencies of Lalmonirhat.  Among them, 27 candidates submitted their nominations and after the verification, the nomination papers of 19 people were declared valid on Sunday afternoon.  Among them, two candidates from Zaker Party and Socialist Party and five independent candidates suspended their nominations.

Lalmonirhat-1 (Hatibandha-Patgram) Constituency Central Awami League finance and planning sub-committee member independent candidate Ataur Rahman chief and independent candidate Amjad Hossain Taju, Abdul Baki canceled nomination papers.

Among the 11 candidates in Lalmonirhat-2 (Aditmari-Kaliganj) constituency, 7 candidates were canceled and one was suspended.

Among them, Rabindranath Barman (Independent), Rajab Ali (President, Kaliganj Upazila Zaker Party), Delabbar Rahman (Convener, Bangladesh Congress, Lalmonirhat District Branch, Md. Halima Khatun (Independent) candidate and Suvrithi Rani (General Secretary, Kaliganj Upazila Demokrati Party)  ) postponed.

Lalmonirhat-3 (Lalmonirhat Sadar) Constituency of Jabed Hossain Bakkar (Ex-President District Chhatra League, Independent) has been cancelled.

Ataur Rahman Pradhan, a member of the finance and planning sub-committee of the central Awami League whose candidature was cancelled, said, “My nomination has been canceled by the district returning officer for a minor matter. I will certainly appeal to the high court.  InshaAllah I will elect an independent candidate in Lalmonirhat 1 seat after receiving the candidature.

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