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Mosque and temple in the same courtyard at Lalmonirhat.  Incense stick on one side, perfume on the other side.  On one side there is uludhvani, on the other side there is zikir going on.  In this way, two separate religious places of worship have been running for ages, setting an example of religious harmony.  Such a bright sign of religious harmony is in the old market area of ​​Lalmonirhat city.

Temple and mosque have coexisted in the same courtyard for about 200 years.  Locals said that the Kali temple was established in 1836.  At that time, in the old bazaar of Kalibari area in Lalmonirhat town, devout Muslim traders from different regions built a small house next to the temple to offer prayers.  And it is also named as Puran Bazar Jame Masjid.  Since that time, two temples of two religions have been running in one yard.  Before the start of the puja, the mosque and temple committee met and decided.

So far no untoward incident has happened with the temple-mosque.  Every day people come from far and wide to see temples and mosques.  Ambassadors of some countries have also visited these temples and mosques.

It has been found that from the time of Azaan until the end of the first congregation of prayers, all sounds including Dhak and Dhol are stopped in the temple.  After the first congregation of prayers, the temple activities are normal.  There is no chaos here.  People of both religions have been celebrating various religious festivals in the same courtyard for a long time while maintaining modesty.

Imam Mohammad Alauddin of Puran Bazar Jame Masjid said, the temple is next to the traditional Puran Bazar Mosque.  The temple was established before the mosque.  Yet here people of all classes come to roam freely irrespective of caste and religion.  We cooperate with temple authorities.  They also help us.  The lid of the temple is kept closed during prayers.  This bond of harmony has been going on for ages without any disturbance.

Central Kalibari Temple president and head priest Shankar Chakraborty said that after its establishment in 1836, the area was also named Kalibari.  Later, when the market was established here, the traders of the market and the devout Muslims of the city established Puran Bazar Jame Masjid next to the temple.  Since then, the activities of two temples of two religions are going on in one courtyard.  There is no chaos here.

In this regard, Lalmonirhat District Commissioner Mohammad Ullah said that people here believe in the coexistence of people of all religions.  The proof of which is the central Kalibari temple and Puran Bazar Jame Masjid in one courtyard.

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