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Residents have given complaints and signatures to various important departments of the government demanding proper legal action in the Lalmonirhat murder case.

A public petition signed by 342 local people along with the documents of the murder case has been sent to various important offices including Lalmonirhat Press Club, Inspector General of Police, Dhaka, and other important offices.

It is known in the public petition that the murder case No. GR-244/23 dated 02/08/2023 AD regarding the murder and fatal injuries committed by the notorious terrorists led by former UP member Abdur Rashid Sheikh, has been filed in Kaliganj police station and necessary legal action is taken for fair and just trial.  The mass signatories claimed.  It is mentioned that the said murder case was very well planned and Abdur Rashid Sheikh who led the murder is an influential and rich person.

He is a former member of UP.  Under Kaliganj Upazila No. 07 Chalbala UP election elected as UC member of Ward No. 7.  Abdur Rashid Sheikh and his elder son Al Amin Sheikh have increased their prowess in various misdeeds and disorderly activities in the area due to his second son Shah Jalal Sheikh being employed as SI of Bangladesh Police (working as AD/SB).

The accused in the murder case, Abdur Rashid Sheikh and his elder son Al Amin Sheikh, often offered money to the plaintiff on the mobile-whorts app and threatened to withdraw their names from the case.  If the name is not removed from the case, the police son of the accused in the murder case, Ah Rashid Sheikh, will not allow his father and brother to go to court even for a day and challenged the plaintiff in the case that the name of his father and brother will not be included in the charge sheet.

Meanwhile, in the case of Taiz Uddin (30), who died due to fatal stab wounds, Abdur Rashid Sheikh Hukum is the accused and his elder son Al Amin Sheikh is accused no.6.  At present they are not in the area but they are spreading the word in the area through their various people that nothing will happen to them in the said case.  Abdur Rashid Sheikh his second son SI Shah Jalal Sheikh currently working as ADSB has been contacting Mahakhali threatening to destroy the Bhishera report and not be able to do anything to them.

As a result, the peace-loving residents are very anxious and are suffering from extreme depression.  On the other hand, Taiz Uddin, who was killed in the said case, was a day labourer.  He is a widowed mother and wife with a son and a 5-year-old daughter.  He was very innocent, simple and loved by all in the area.  Due to his murder, the family has become completely helpless.  Riaz Uddin, the only elder brother of deceased Taiz Uddin, earned his living by cultivating other people’s land.  Since he filed a case in the police station for killing his brother, many people including SI Shah Jalal Sheikh are threatening him in various ways on his mobile phone.

It is to be noted that Riaz Uddin, father deceased: Gias Uddin, Sang-purva Duhuli, Thana: Kaliganj, district: Lalmonirhat has been in dispute with Abdul Karim, father deceased: Nazar Ali of the same village regarding the ancestral/nominal rejected land for quite some time.  In order to settle the matter locally concerned No. 07 Chalbala Union Parishad Chairman Office, Kaliganj Police Station and Assistant Commissioner (Land) office have held arbitration court many times in Kaliganj.  In every arbitration Riaz Uddin is proved to be the real owner of the disputed land and Riaz Uddin has been occupying the said land based on the decision of the arbitration.

Since the beginning of that land dispute, Abdur Rashid Sheikh of the same village has been leading on behalf of Abdul Karim against his father deceased Jajam Uddin Sheikh Riaz Uddin.  Abdul Karim and his people have been trying to create chaos on Nalishi land by making various threats and even filing false cases.  In view of this, Riaz Uddin filed a case in Assistant Judge Court Lalmonirhat to settle the land dispute and applied for temporary injunction on the land.

When the learned court issued notice to the opponent to file the reply, the opponent Abdul Karim prayed for time 3 times.  The learned Court rejected the last application and fixed 13/8/2023 for the order.  Taking advantage of the said land dispute and losing the vote, under the leadership of Abdur Rashid Sheikh in a well-planned manner on 01/08/2023 at approximately 1.30 pm, Riaz Uddin’s younger brother Taiz Uddin went to Duhuli Bazaar (Jorgach Bazaar) to fetch TCB’s goods.  As soon as they approached the house of Abu Taleb, a local resident, the accused, who were riding camels, stabbed and fatally injured him with sticks and sharp weapons.

2/3 others who came to save him were fatally injured.  In that situation, the locals rescued them and admitted them first to Atidmari Upazila Hospital and later to Rangpur Medical College Hospital.  Taiz Uddin died on that date after 2 o’clock in the morning (02/08/2023) while undergoing treatment.  Another 2/3 are under treatment in Rangpur.  It has been mentioned in the public petition that Taiz Uddin’s family and the local peace-loving people cannot accept the killing of Taiz Uddin, who was poor, helpless and hungry.

In such a situation, the residents of the area requested the cooperation of all concerned to take necessary legal measures so that no evidence/investigation report of the case is destroyed due to the 2nd son of Abdur Rashid Sheikh, Shah Jalal Sheikh (SI currently working in Dhaka as AD/SB).

In this regard, Kaliganj Police Station Officer-in-Charge OC Imtiaz Kabir said that some of the accused in the murder case have been caught and efforts are on to catch the rest of the accused.

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