A young man’s love for green plants.  Habibur Rahman Habib, a tree-loving painter, expressed his love for trees in an exceptional initiative.  He has decorated his motorcycle with different types of trees.  Everyone stares at you while walking on the road.  As if it is not a motorcycle, but a garden of green plants.

It is known that Habibur Rahman Habib of Durakuti village of Saptabari union of Aditmari upazila of Lalmonirhat.  Sometimes he lives in Dhaka in search of work beyond the village house.  Habib is a painter by profession.  Habib loves trees and nature from a long time ago.  He gardened in his village house.  There are many species of trees in the city.  But leaving these, he had to run to different parts of the country in search of livelihood.  So he decided to decorate his only vehicle, his beloved motorcycle, with trees.  The attempt begins.  Success came after three months of effort.

For 3 years, he has placed trees in a special way on motorcycle wheels, seat covers, oil tanks, foot trays, number plates and above and below.  National flag, fresh rose flowers adorn the front.  He decorated his bike with artificial grass as well as live trees.  Not only that, Habibur’s shoes are also decorated with artificial green grass.  He painted the helmet in the color of the national flag.  People are impressed by this decoration of Habibur’s motorcycle.  When he went to work in different districts of the country including Lalmonirhat, he took his beloved motorcycle with him.  Habib does not easily get on any vehicle other than a motorcycle.  Sometimes he travels with his family on this motorcycle.  But he stopped this motorcycle there, many people gathered to see it there.

Ah Rahim was impressed by the tree garden decorated with motorcycles and said that this will be the first motorcycle in the country.  I saw such a motorcycle for the first time.  The bike is beautifully decorated with trees.  He walks with trees and nature.  Habib exudes a different love for green plants and nature.

Tree lover Habibur Rahman Habib said, I travel all over the country with a motorcycle planted with trees.  Almost everyone loves green nature.  Still, deforestation is happening all over the country unconsciously.  The amount of trees that are killed every day.  No one plants that amount of trees.  It’s really painful.  The purpose of his different arrangements is to express his love for trees and to attract people more towards trees and nature.  So that they plant more trees and take care of the trees.

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