Lalmonirhat College girl stay for 15 days demanding marriage

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A HSC candidate lover has been staying at her lover’s house in ward 1 of Jagatber union of Patgram upazila of Lalmonirhat district for 15 days demanding marriage.

This has created a lot of excitement in that area.  In several rounds of meetings, no solution was found.  In such cases, local residents

He demanded to solve the matter quickly.

According to the public representative and local sources, Ward No. 1 of Jagatber Union of Upazila, West Jagatber, Balapara village.

Abdus Chamad’s son Abdul Ghaffar, day laborer Azizar Rahman’s college student daughter of West Jagatber village of Ward No. 2 of the same union has been in love for a long time.  lover

Abdul Ghaffar works in garments in Dhaka.

Recently, when he came home from Dhaka, the lover asked the college student to meet him in Patgram town.  When seen, at one stage of the conversation, he took his mobile phone and broke it.  The lover gaffer fell out of there by trick.  In which, the victim claimed that there were many things including pictures as proof of their love, the college student.

Later, on September 4, the college student stayed at the house of her boyfriend, Abdul Ghaffar, demanding marriage.  Abdul Ghaffar’s family members said that he worked in Dhaka for several years.  He came home from Dhaka a few days ago and left the next day without saying goodbye.  That day the girl’s sister came and left her at their house.  And says, there is a love relationship between the two.

They claim that they know best about their love. We know nothing about this.  The girl came to their house

They said that they have informed the local public representatives about the matter.

In this regard, Mocha Fatema Khatun, a reserved woman UP member of Ward 1, 2 and 3 of Jagatber Union of Patgram Upazila of Lalmonirhat, said that several meetings were held to resolve the incident.  I have spoken to both families.  He said that this problem will be solved quickly.

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