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There is no environment department in Lalmonirhat, no fear of environment court raids.  On this occasion, it was found that the banned polythene bag manufacturing factory was built by Ah Salam of Village No. 2 Durakuti Bishbari of Saptipari Union of Aditmari Upazila of the district.

A reliable source said that Abdus Salam, once a retail banned polythene seller of Lalmonirhat town, is now producing banned polythene bags in abundance with a banned polythene factory inside the village.  One of his associates is Mofizul Islam, owner of Mofizul Store in Baramsjid Market, a retail polyethylene seller.

Both of them once collected banned polythene from Dhaka, Syedpur polythene factory and sold polythene retail all over Lalmonirhat.  Within a short span of time, their foreheads were exposed to the sale of banned polythene.  Az Salam is the owner of the banned polythene factory.  And Mofizul Islam bought land in the city and built a big house.  Owners of lakhs of rupees have also gone to forest.

It can be seen that 4/5 employees in the prohibited polythene factory inside the village are producing prohibited polythene bags of small, large and medium size day and night without decomposing chemicals.  From there, the banned polythene bags are being kept and sold in the stores and godowns of Abdus Salam in Railway Bazaar and Mofizul Islam in Baramsjid Market.  They also have godown house next to their shop house.

Monka Man is being sold at retail and wholesale prices every day except Friday, keeping banned polythene lined up in those shops and godowns.  Durdurante is even exchanging banned polythene orders through courier services.  They do not pay any VAT tax to the government.  Manka Mana is selling banned polythene by evading the responsible officials of Customs, Sanitary Inspector, Police and Environment Department.

Retail polythene buyers and wholesalers said that polythene is being used at a cost of 10 taka to 1000 taka.  Demand of Polythene is increasing day by day in Lalmonirhat.  Due to Salam and Mofizul, the production of banned polythene bags is not stopped in the city.

And in this regard, environmentalists say that it has become necessary to reduce the use of banned polythene bags to zero to protect the environment.  Therefore, the conscious circles think that the mobile court should conduct Sarashi Abhiyan.

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