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Imam Maulana Md. Shahadat Hossain received a welcome from the mosque committee and all the Muslims at the time of farewell after 31 years of Imamat in the mosque.

Maulana Md. Shahadat Hussain has been imam for 31 years in Guriyadah (Pangatari) Old Jame Masjid of Gokunda Union of Lalmonirhat District Sadar.  Due to old age, he left on Friday 01 December after offering the last Friday prayer.

On the farewell occasion of Imam Shahadat, the mosque committee and all the Muslims organized a farewell reception to honor him.

Local residents including the Muslims of the said mosque said that in 1992, Maulana Shahadat Hossain took charge of the Imamate of the old Jame Masjid in Guriyadah (Pangatari).  During his student life, besides his studies, he regularly taught Friday prayers in the mosque for free. And finally, he was satisfied with the monthly salary he received.  Maulana Md. Shahadat has been playing an important role in the construction of the mosque at various times.

He ended his Imamate life last Friday by offering Friday prayers.  On this day, to show respect and honor to the beloved Imam, the worshipers of the mosque honor an Imam by wearing flower garlands out of respect and love. Along with that, they hand over some gifts to him.  Maulana Shahadat expressed his gratitude to God Almighty for receiving such love at the time of farewell.

At the end of the reception, devout Muslims set an example of love for an imam by taking him home.

Outgoing Imam Maulana Md. Shahadat Hossain is the son of deceased Habibur Rahman of the same union of Lalmonirhat Sadar Upazila.

In personal life, he is the father of one son and one daughter.

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