Kazipur Upazila Corruption Prevention Committee approved, President Parimal, Editor Shafikul

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According to Section 17(g) of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2004, the Anti-Corruption Commission has approved the reorganization of the Kazipur Upazila Anti-Corruption Committee by the Anti-Corruption Commission to create a sense of honesty and loyalty for the purpose of preventing corruption and to build public awareness against corruption. office Anti-Corruption Commission Rajshahi Divisional Office Director Md. Kamrul Ahsan sent the letter signed (02/10/2023) to the Kazipur Committee. The matter was confirmed on 15/10/23 by Parimal Kumar Tarafdar, the new committee president. Parimal Kumar Tarafdar has been nominated as the president of the 9-member committeeMoshfiqul Islam Assistant Teacher Meghai Yusuf Uddin Islamia High School has been nominated as Retired Associate Professor and General Secretary. Other members of the committee are Vice President Nurul Islam Head Teacher Biara Nurnabi High School, Vice President Md. Fazlul Haque Principal Mohammad Nasim ChalidangaWomen’s Degree College, Member Gazi Abdus Salam Virmuktijoddha, Maulana Md. Abdul Quader, Pesh Imam Upazila Parishad Jame Masjid, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun Lecturer Mohammad Naseem Chauhiladanga Women’s Degree College, Mosha: Hosne Ara Parveen Assistant Teacher Maizbari Dakhil Madrasa, Mosha: Najma Khatun Assistant TeacherUpazila Parishad Ardash Academy. According to the constitution and guidelines, the activities of the new committee are 3 years. Shafiqul Islam, the general secretary of the new committee, said that according to the constitution of the commission, Kazipur Upazila aims to create a sense of honesty and loyalty and to build public awareness against corruption. There will be no defect in our efforts to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned by the Commission through the District Office of the Anti-Corruption Committee with honesty and devotion. He expressed his gratitude to various officials including the director-deputy director for giving approval to the committee. With the support of the upazila administration, the students along with the students in Kazipur. Expressed his determination to play a role in creating anti-corruption attitude among the common people.

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