Jaigir fake doctor Majnu fined one lakh taka and 1 month jail

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A mobile court fined 1 lakh taka and 1 month imprisonment to fake doctor Majnu Mia in Jaigirhat market of Mithapukur upazila of Rangpur district. Mithapukur Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Ruhul Amin conducted the operation on Thursday (10 August 2023) evening.

It is known that for a long time fake doctor Majnu Mia has been providing treatment in various ways in Jaigirhat of Mithapukur. In the name of better treatment, he gave low quality treatment to the poor and helpless patients of the village. If the medicine fails, Kabiraji does Jhar-Funk. He does not have any disease for which there is no treatment, and on Tuesdays and Fridays he mikes and sells expired medicines at cheap prices and gives wrong treatment to the patients. He treated the patient with four injections at a time. It increases the physical problems of the patients. Later, the affected patients were forced to be taken to Rangpur Hospital.

Before this, the operation of National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection Rangpur divisional office was led by the office head and deputy director of the Directorate Azaharul Islam. Also Borhan Uddin, Assistant Director of National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate, Rangpur Divisional Office. On the afternoon of July 19, Majnu conducted a mobile court in the doctor’s chamber.

Sensing the presence of the Consumer Protection Department, Dr. Majnu runs away from his chamber. Pharmacy owner Dr. Majnu Mia was found guilty under Section 51 of the Consumer Rights Act 2009 for keeping expired medicines for sale and sealed the pharmacy.

Later, Manju Miah went to the office of the consumer department and confessed all the crimes, as a result of which he was fined 15 thousand taka and asked to desist from such despicable acts. But later again Manju Mia opened the chamber and started conducting his huge medical work.

Mithapukur Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Ruhul Amin conducted the mobile court based on a specific complaint. Assisted in the operation, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate Multamis Billah, Civil Surgeon Office Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, District Senatorial Inspector Mahbub Rahman etc.

This afternoon, fake doctor Majnu Mia was fined Tk 1 lakh and jailed for 1 month for providing fake medical services to the public without obtaining any medical degree from a recognized institution.

Ruhul Amin, Government Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate of Mithapukur Upazila, said that this judgment was given to him as a fake doctor as he did not have any medical degree from any institution recognized by the government.

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Sharifa Begum Shiuli

Rangpur Correspondent

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