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More than 80 people were killed in twin attacks on a refugee camp in northern Gaza on Saturday, a health official of the Palestinian independence movement Hamas said. This includes a UN school used as a shelter for people displaced by the Israel-Hamas war.

A health official in Hamas-controlled Gaza said at least 50 people were killed in the attack on the UN-run al-Fakhura school in the refugee camp. According to a UN report, about 1.6 million people have been displaced inside the Gaza Strip in the six-week conflict. UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths condemned the killing of men, women and children.

32 members of the same family were killed in another attack on Jabalia refugee camp on Saturday. A Hamas official said that 19 of the dead were children.

The UN-run school in the Jabalia refugee camp is home to hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians. On November 15, Israel launched an operation inside Al-Shifa Hospital. 7,000 people including patients, medical staff and shelters are trapped in the hospital.

Fuel supplies from Egypt to the besieged Gaza Strip. This information is confirmed in a UN report. Egypt delivered fuel to Gaza on Saturday, the agency said in a statement. On this day, 123,000 liters (32,493 gallons) of fuel were delivered to conflict-affected Gaza.

Earlier, Israel’s War Cabinet authorized the delivery of 140,000 (37,000 gallons) of fuel to the Gaza Strip every two days following a US request. After that fuel was supplied from Egypt.

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