Illegal dredger machin running freely in Barura, no action taken by administration

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Liton Majumdar

Barura Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter

Sub- Editor

Excavation of soil with dredger machines is going on freely in Khoshbas North Union Parishad in Barura of Comilla, cutting the soil and destroying the cropland. On inspection of the ground, it is seen that soil is being cut freely with dredger machine in Bishnupur village of Payalgacha union of Barura upazila, Arifpur North ward of Khoshbas North Union Parishad, Alitala Fazil Madrasa is being filled, south side of Adampur-Rammohan road at a place called Bashtali. The upazila administration did not take any action even after informing the upazila executive officer about the lifting. Payalgacha Union Parishad Chairman Mahin Uddin said on the phone that we shut it down during the day and then open it again at night, so you inform the Upazila Executive Officer. On the other hand, Khoshbas North Union Parishad Chairman Nazmul Hasan Sardar called several times and could not be reached. When Barura upazila executive officer Sabrina Afrin Mustafa was informed about this, she told the reporter that even after the upazila administration conducted a floating court and fined the dredger owners, they started extracting soil illegally again. That’s why you regularly file a case at Barura police station. But why did the administration put the responsibility on the journalist? Does that mean that the upazila administration is not afraid of soil extraction illegally. However, on 24-02-23 Daily Mukta Khabar Comilla district representative journalist Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique filed a complaint against illegal dredging in Barura police station. SDR No: 1123, did not get any remedy even with this complaint. Conscious citizens of Barura Upazila said that if the Barura Upazila Administration conducted a mobile court 2-3 days a week, illegal soil extraction would have been stopped. The Upazila Administration should be more strict in this regard.

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