If you don’t work for a day, you won’t have rice in your stomach – demands of the workers

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If we don’t work for a day, there is no food in our stomach.  To buy rice in the market, 60 taka per kg, curry and fair price.  A good curry does not rise in the mouth.  I am spending my life with one son and one daughter.
Today, the first of May, International May Day, when everyone turned away from work to achieve their just demands, then Amena Begum of Aladdin Nagar area of ​​Patgram Upazila was working on a stone breaking machine and was talking like this.
Not only Amena, many workers like her like Manowar Begum, Hamidur Rahman, Ataur Rahman are leaving the movement because of their stomach and working in different places.  Because if they do not work for a day, they will not have rice in their stomachs.  Therefore, the workers have to drop their demands in the fair movement of the workers and go to work.
This day of international labor movement and realization of labor rights has been celebrated worldwide for years.  About 80 countries around the world observe May Day or May Day as a national holiday in honor of workers.  But many of those who this day is about, do not know anything about this day.

He spoke to Manowarul Islam (64), a stone-breaking worker. He was asked whether you are working on May Day when everyone is agitating for their just demands. He replied that the workers and leaders will agitate.  Except Omar’s movement.  I have a married wife, there was no rice at home when I went out.  Today I work and take rice.

If they do not work for a day, when there is no food in their stomachs, on the other hand, the stone-breaking workers have taken to the streets in human chain and protest with five-point demands demanding fair payment.  About two thousand labor leaders were present in this hour-long human chain.

Aminur Islam, a laborer in the human chain, said, “We work, Umra takes money, Netarghar builds big houses with our money.”  And we live in a broken tin house.  The workers work hard all day and neglect the hammock.  Our fair due Marie wants food.

Labor leader Sajjad Hossain said that an identified labor organization has been denying the rights of workers working at Burimari land port for a long time.  Year after year without elections, the committee has been siphoning off workers’ savings.  Therefore, the workers demanded the formation of a committee and the return of the accumulated money through the election immediately.

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