I am working for you without being an MP If you want, I will ask leader for nomination in next election- Nasim

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Md. Saddam Hossain Gani

Feni District Correspondent

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Eati Akter


People of the area have always wanted to, but never dreamed of becoming an MP in their long political life. Even without being an MP, I have tried to involve my area in the continuous development of the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina. No MP candidate in the country has done as much work in his constituency before being elected as I have done. Alauddin Ahmed Chowdhury Nasim said these things in the speech of the chief guest at the development and peace rally organized by Chithshia Union Awami League of Parshuram Upazila of Feni on Monday afternoon, November 6. Commenting on the need for goodwill rather than power to work for the development of the people, Alauddin Nasim further said, Feni-1 constituency is my birthplace. I have a close relationship with the happiness and sadness of the people here. In the busyness of government jobs and politics, I never forgot my area. Whenever I got a chance I worked for the development of the area. I believe that public service requires willingness, not power. He who will have a pull towards his own area will always come forward for the development of the area. Referring to the MP candidate for Feni-1 constituency, he said, “If you go to people’s houses and work in my support, then I will go to Sheikh Hasin and explain about the nomination.” Hopefully my leader will also nominate me. Alauddin Nasim mentioned that the country has developed under the current government and said that once upon a time the transport system in Chithlia and Dhanikunda areas was very bad. Due to the development activities of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the grass root level, there has been a great development in the communication system of the area. All the roads in Parashuram are now passable. There has been great development in the education sector as well. Already we are working on implementation of many mega projects in Parashuram. Which will change the image of this town if implemented. He also said, I am with you even if you vote, I am with you even if you don’t vote. Never earned a single rupee unethically. Still want to work with you. That’s why I came to get your opinion. If I get your support, I will be a candidate for Feni-1 seat. I don’t understand party only, everyone will represent me regardless of party affiliation. You will ask the people for the boat vote for me. Referring to his close relationship with this township, the former government official said that the few MPs who have become MPs in this constituency have not worked sincerely as they are not children of the area. I am a child of this town. My body smell and your body smell is the same. Because I also grew up rolling on this ground. I did student politics by studying in the university because of your love. Later I passed the most competitive BCS exam in Bangladesh and got a job. Chithlia Union Awami League president Sheikh Ahmed Khoka presided over the general secretary Jasim Uddin and vice president of district Awami League Khairul Bashar Majumdar Tapan, Parashuram Upazila Awami League president Kamal Uddin Majumdar, general secretary Nizam Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury Sajal and others also spoke in the rally. At that time, the general public along with the leaders and workers of various levels of Union Awami League and affiliated organizations were present in the meeting.

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