“I am not in favor of controlling journalists” – Minister of Local Government

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Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. Tajul Islam MP said, journalists collect data from various sources and distribute it through various media That way we who are in charge get a chance to be careful. Get a chance to check for errors. Sometimes, various news stories are presented in such a way, which is exaggerated. Where it may distort the facts We discourage such things. I think there should be a management in such matters from the side of journalists But I am not in favor of controlling journalists.

Referring to the importance of journalists in the administration of the state, the local government minister said that just as politicians, doctors, engineers, and bureaucrats are needed in the administration of the state, journalists are also needed. I welcome the open use of journalism, avoiding mistakes, errors and deviations

Thursday  (May 23, 2024 A.D.) said this to the journalists present at the question and answer session of the open discussion titled ‘Meet the Reporters’ organized by Dhaka Reporters Unity at noon.

In a question and answer about the dengue situation in the country, he said, we have been witnessing the intensity of dengue and its impact since 2019. Not only us, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India have been dealing with this situation for a long time. Since we were infected later, we had the opportunity to collect data from these countries. We did that. We have prepared an action plan taking into account all the methods they have taken to deal with such situations Also, I have already collected data from international organizations. I also had virtual meetings with various universities like Singapore University, Miami University, Monas University in Australia. In essence, an extensive effort to control the dengue situation continues.

Dhaka Reporters Unity President Syed Shukar Ali Shubo in the ‘Meet the Reporters’ held under the chairmanship of Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. Tajul Islam MP decorated the seat of the chief guest Dhaka Reporters Unity general secretary Mohi Uddin moderated the program

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