Human chain of journalists in Rajbari demanding punishment of Mayor Nazrul Mondal

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Kabir Hossain

Staff Reporter,Rajbari

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Eati Akter

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Due to the publication of the news, the mayor of Goland municipality, Md Nazrul Islam Mandal, has given a human chain and a memorandum to the Prime Minister in protest against the abuse of the journalists of Rajbari with obscene and ugly language by the journalists of Samakal newspaper.
Around 11:30 am on Wednesday, journalists working in the district held a human chain on the road in front of the Rajbari Press Club to demand the punishment of Mayor Nazrul Islam Mandal.

President of Rajbari Press Club Ed. Khan Md. Zahurul Haque spoke in the human handshake, vice president of district Awami League, Bir Muktijoddha Fakir Abdul Jabbar, publisher of Daily Us Rajbari newspaper, district representative of Daily Naya Shatabdi newspaper Abu Musa Biswas, Vice President of Rajbari Press Club Mosharraf Hossain, Rajbari. Joint General Secretary of Press Club, District Representative of Kaler Kanth and Ekushe TV Jahangir Hossain, President of District Press Club and Staff Reporter of Shomoy Television Karim Ishaq, President of Rajbari District Reporters Club and representative of ATN Bangla Liton Chakraborty, District Representative of Daini Samkal Soumitra Shell Chandan, District of Baisakhi TV Representative Aju Shikdar, District Representative Sohel Rana of Daily amader shomoy , District Representative Ejaz Ahmed of Daily Prothom Alo, District Representative of Ekatar TV Mehdi Hasan, District Representative of DBC Debashish Biswas, District Representative of Jamuna TV Rubelur Rahman, District Representative of Channel 24 Suman Biswas, Gowalanda of Kaler Kanth. Representative Ganesh Pal, district representative of Amar Sangbad Kazi Anwarul Islam Tutul, district representative of somoy TV Ashikur Rahman, district representative of Global TV Khandaker Rabiul Islam, Daily tririya matra newspaper district representative Sheikh Ranju Ahmed, district representative of Bijoy TV Sheikh Ali Al Mamun, president of Rajbari Sadar Upazila krishok League. And journalist Al Mamun Arju, President of Bangladesh Mafswal Journalist Forum (BMSF)  Rajbari Kabir Hossain, Former General Secretary of Goaland Press Club Aktaruzzaman Akhter, President of Baliakandi Reporters Club Sanjit Kumar Das, General Secretary of Baliakandi Press Club Rafikuzzaman Liton, General Secretary of Kalukhali Press Club Shahidul Islam, Pangsha Press Club. Vice President Shamim Hossain, Joint General Secretary Ratan Mahmud and others. Apart from this, around hundred journalists from electronic, print and online media of the district were present in the human chain.

Later, with a silent procession, the journalists, including Mayor Nazrul Islam Mandal, on August 15 National Day of Mourning with a smile on their shoes and feet, presented wreaths to the portrait of Bangabandhu. A memorandum was submitted to the Prime Minister through the Deputy Commissioner demanding peaceful action on the issue of abuse. A memorandum has also been submitted to the Superintendent of Police.
At that time, Deputy Commissioner Abu Qaiser Khan and Superintendent of Police G.M. Abul Kalam Azad assured to take appropriate action.

The speakers said that the apolitical and unethical behavior of some self-interested and disorganized people has angered and injured the journalistic society of Rajbari. We would like to mention with great honesty that on the National Day of Mourning on August 15, 2023, Mayor of Goland Municipality of Rajbari, Md. Nazrul Islam Mandal, smilingly offered wreaths to the portrait of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu while wearing shoes. Since his photo was published on Facebook, thousands of Bangabandhu lovers have expressed their anger at Goland Municipality Mayor’s senseless behavior. The media workers of Rajbari very responsibly published the news of such disrespect to the father of the nation in various newspapers. The mentioned news is published in the local news media including Bangladesh’s widely circulated national daily Samakal, Dainik Aum Samyam, Dhaka Times. The Mayor of Gwaland was angry with the journalists. Due to this, the mayor of Goland municipality and president of Awami League of Goland municipality, Nazrul Islam Mandal, abused Goland upazila representative of daily Samakal and Boishakhi television and former president of Goland press club, Aju Shikdar on mobile phone and made offensive remarks about the family of Rajbari journalists. The audio of which has already been published on social media. The journalist society of Rajbari is very angry and shocked. This behavior of Md. Nazrul Islam, who has been replaced by a public representative and wife (President of Goaland Municipal Awami League) ahead of the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections, is purposeful and has greatly damaged the image of the current government and your beloved organization Awami League.
On behalf of the journalist society of all levels of Rajbari, I strongly condemn and protest against the behavior of the Mayor of Goland. Already, many complaints have been raised against Goland Municipality Mayor Md Nazrul Islam Mandal, including financial irregularities, recruitment trade. Various authorities including Rajbari District Administration, Divisional Commissioner’s Office, Anti-Corruption Commission are conducting the investigation. As a patriotic statesman, I demand legal and punitive measures to be taken after investigating the audacity of Goland municipality mayor Md Nazrul Islam Mandal’s abuse of vulgar and inaudible language and disrespect to Bangabandhu on the National Mourning Day.’

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