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Tanvir Ahmed

Head of Media, Huawei South Asia

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30 November 2023-Huawei South Asia organized a session for all its suppliers from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka at Huawei Bangladesh Academy in Dhaka’s Gulshan .

More than 100+suppliers from Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka attended this session titled “South Asia Suppliers Convention 2023”. In this event 23 suppliers were recognized for their tremendous support in 2023.

The South Asia Suppliers Convention 2023 is focused on the key idea of sharing the company’s vision and forecasting probable upcoming challenges. It is also a platform to share procurement rules and quality objectives with the suppliers.

Pan Junfeng, President, Huawei South Asia and CEO of Huawei Bangladesh Ltd presented different outcomes of 2023 and guidelines for next year to the suppliers at the event. Pan Junfeng guided the suppliers to work efficiently, comply with Huawei policies, and deliver with high quality and proven ability as they always do. He mentioned these can be the keys to achieving greater success.

Pan Junfeng said, “In last 25 years, Huawei has been working to fulfill Bangladesh’s digital and smart transformation needs, largely owing to the strides made in recent years through the invaluable contributions of our steadfast partners. As we reflect on our journey, the collaborative efforts with our reliable partners have been pivotal. Looking ahead, we aspire for the unwavering support and enduring partnership of our partners to fuel even greater accomplishments in the years to come. Together, we aim to make our better contribution for advancing and achievement of Smart Bangladesh 2041 vison”

Liuhao, CFO, Huawei South Asia said, “For last 25 years, Huawei has been an integral part of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka’s technological landscape, offering an array of services and products. Throughout this period, our contributions have been substantial, with over 200 million USD directed towards local tax payments. Additionally, our commitment to local economies is evident through procurements exceeding 1000 million USD, further fostering economic growth. Notably, Huawei’s operations have been instrumental in generating over 20,000 employment opportunities, marking our sustained commitment to fostering job creation and economic development.”

Huawei organizes such events to celebrate contributions from both local and international partners who are essential part of the growth journey of Huawei. This kind of engagement helps all the role players to think and work together towards the same development goal.

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News Source

Tanvir Ahmed

Head of Media, Huawei South Asia

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