In keeping with the times, our Bangladesh is moving forward on the path of development along with the whole world. At the same time, the number of working women in the country is also increasing. But residential buildings or hostels are not being built to accommodate working women. Because of this, working women in different parts of the country, including Dhaka, have to suffer a lot. Due to the lack of residential buildings, many working women are often severely humiliated. Be the victim. There is no monitoring of their safety. Because of this, these women always spend their lives in a state of fear and anxiety. Due to the lack of adequate residential hostels for working women in the country, many women are forced to live as sublets in the homes of many strangers. There is no guarantee of their safety. At any time they are insulted and insulted by the people of the house owner. Half of the women are playing an equal role in the various indicators of the socio-economic, political and cultural circles of the country. Especially the conscious employment of women in various government and private institutions, from corporate professions to agriculture, construction projects, garment factories is the regulator of overall prosperity. Women who are physically weak and bound by social conservatism have to face various hurdles and confusions while coping with the prevailing conditions of working life. Various research reports show that majority of women are neglected, insulted and unfairly treated in professional life. The strict barricade of social restrictions has not made the path of many women safe, unimpeded and free till today. A woman has to fulfill the responsibilities of her professional life by taking care of the family. Both husband and wife are employed. But starting from child rearing, apart from her educational program, all kinds of troubles come on the mother’s shoulders. After fulfilling all the family duties dutifully, when a woman leaves for her office destination, she has to face a new irony in road transport. The plight of women in public transport has now reached a daily tolerable level. There is nothing new to say about the embarrassment women passengers are put through by the rude behavior of the helpers starting from the driver. If a male companion falls on him, then the 16 verses are fulfilled. The workplaces of women employed in respectable professions are more dignified and dignified. But it cannot be overstated how miserable and troubled the lives of women professionals, from construction workers to the garment industry, are. Insults from male co-workers, indecent treatment and deprivation of more benefits than women workers have put them in an intolerable situation. There is extreme discrimination in wages. On top of that, there is the unsanitary environment of industrial factories, which directly affects women. Sanitation problems are a daily ordeal in these slums. There are also no convenient and hygienic washrooms for women, where they can take necessary care. In their speech, the low-ranking women workers put the responsibility of destroying the healthy environment of the factory on the male colleagues. From teasing them to various provocative statements and sometimes even physical abuse from male colleagues. If women fail to play their role smoothly and seamlessly in the workplace, it will not take long to see its impact on the uninterrupted flow of development. The concerned authorities should pay due attention to the fact that women can carry on their professional life in a free and open environment. It is imperative that the working environment is clear and clean. Moreover, posters and advertisements to promote the facilities/facilities of the hostels talk about various facilities in working women’s hostels, but in reality they are not there. The owners of these hostels rent rooms for five to six people that can accommodate two to three people. A room is divided into several rooms by hardboard. Only one toilet is allocated for four-five rooms. As a result, unpleasant incidents sometimes occur. Sometimes there is no water in the line. If you protest, you will be given notice to leave the hostel. And when the rent increase has become a rule. But the facilities do not increase accordingly. Many working women live in sublets in different houses without getting a place in government and private hostels. No one wants to pay rent to a girl alone. So they are forced to look for a sublet. Working women live sublet in their known family. Additional fare is charged for this. Despite that, they are deprived of various facilities including cooking, bathing on time. There is a lot of irony with this at times. Due to all such problems and obstacles, the normal life of working women is extremely hindered. Since the number of working women and girls studying in universities and colleges is increasing day by day in the country, it is now necessary to build hostels for them in the government and private sector in our country. However. Those hostels must be standard and secure. Where women can come and live a comfortable life after working all day. Female students can study safely at night. If we can’t arrange residential hostels for women, we can’t expect them to perform as expected in the workplace. Along with the government, wealthy people of the country should come forward to build accommodation for working women.

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