His job is to put a smile on the face of helpless people

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MD.Mamun Hossain

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Al-Amin Hawladar, a Kuwaiti expatriate is already a person who is loved by many people. Al-Amin Hawladar, a Kuwaiti expatriate, was born in Abdullahpur union of Charfassion upazila of Bhola district.  He is living as an expatriate in Kuwait in search of livelihood for a long time.

He has been doing developmental and social work of his own union and neighboring unions since his exile. Also, wherever he heard about the needy people, he inquired from abroad and extended his hand to help the needy people.  Even though he is living a long exile in Kuwait, there is no shortage of love for his native land.  With love and gratitude, he has been cooperating in various humanitarian activities including financial support for the development of the poor, helpless, sick people and unemployed youth of his village and surrounding areas.

Apart from standing beside the poor and suffering people, Al-Amin Hawladar, a Kuwaiti expatriate, has continued to provide service.

Al Amin Hawladar said, “Even though I live in exile for the sake of livelihood, I still have a heart for the people of my village, I am working relentlessly for the pleasure of Allah for the poor and suffering people in my village. He also said that I speak against drugs, I don’t want this cursed drug on my youth to spoil them. I regularly write on Facebook to stop various crimes in the society.  I don’t like irregularities, even if someone in my party does irregularities I speak against them.  I like the smile on the face of helpless people, I am with everyone’s prayers.

According to my ability, I am paying cash for the poor and helpless from my own funds. I am providing medical treatment to those who are unable to get treatment due to lack of money.  In his own area, the needy people’s stories have been widely addressed through social organizations.  Local residents said that Al Amin Hawladar is the pride of our village. We villagers are proud of him. We villagers are getting great response according to his ability in all activities including social and religious institutions.

Al Amin Hawladar, expatriate of Kuwait, called upon every district, upazila, union, village, neighborhood, neighborhood to stand by the helpless, poor and suffering people from their respective places.

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News Source

MD.Mamun Hossain

Chorfassion (Bhola) Correspondent

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