Grouping of the MP-Upzilla League came to light around public meeting in Nagarpur

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Local Member of Parliament Ahsanul Islam Titu held a public meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and all members of parliament (MP) and district Awami League leaders in his constituency, Nagerpur, Tangail on Sunday (September 17) afternoon at Nagerpur College ground. He held a rally under the banner of Upazila Awami League. But upazila Awami League president, general secretary and most of the leaders did not go there. Party nominees for parliamentary seats were also absent. Absence of upazila Awami League and party nomination aspirants in public meeting has disappointed Trinamul leaders and activists. Along with the public meeting, it was also a topic of discussion among ordinary leaders and activists. Through this, the conflict between the local parliament members and the upazila Awami League was hidden until now, but it came to light during the public meeting on Sunday. Upazila Awami League No. 9 vice-president Md presided over the public meeting. Anishur Rahman and the program was moderated by Upazila Awami League No. 3 joint-general secretary Md. Abdul Aleem Dulal. Which was very impressive. According to local Awami League sources, upazila Awami League president, general secretary and top leaders have a dispute with member of parliament of Tangail-6 (Nagarpur-Delduar) constituency Ahsanul Islam Titu. Along with this, there is a conflict with former state minister Tarana Halim, district Awami League vice-president Tarek Shams Khan Himu and Insaf Ali Osmani, upazila Awami League president Zakirul Islam William, who are seeking party nomination for this seat. All of them united against MP Ahsanul Islam. For the past few years, they have stopped meeting the parliamentarian. Member of Parliament conducts party programs with his own followers. On the other hand, the upazila Awami League leaders conducted the program separately. Recently, an initiative was taken to hold a rally in Nagarpur in view of the National Assembly elections. Upazila Awami League president and general secretary proposed to hold a rally in the first week of next October. They told Agriculture Minister Dr. Abdur Razzak and district Awami League leaders about this proposal. Khalid Hossain, Publicity and Publication Secretary of Upazila Awami League, said that ignoring this proposal, the parliamentarian discussed with the Agriculture Minister and district Awami League leaders and fixed the date of the rally on September 17. Although the name of the upazila Awami League president was written on the banner as the chairmanship and the general secretary as the responsibility of organization, he started campaigning for the rally alone without coordinating with anyone. Then everyone else decided to boycott the rally. Locals said that there was a rumor in the political circles of Nagarpur that this rally would end the dispute between the upazila Awami League, all the candidates and the members of Parliament. But through the assembly, the conflict reached an extreme. They fear the loss of the party in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections due to the conflict between these two parties. General Secretary of Nagarpur Upazila Awami League Kudrat Ali said that the assembly held by the parliamentarian on Sunday has no relation with Upazila Awami League. He did not coordinate with anyone regarding the rally. Since becoming an MP, he has avoided Awami League leaders. He did politics with BNP and Jamaat people. He organized this rally by managing central and district leaders. He also said that Upazila Awami League will hold a rally later. Member of Parliament for Tangail-6 (Nagarpur-Delduar) constituency Ahsanul Islam Titu said in the public meeting, people of Nagarpur are united today, Nagarpur Awami League-Chatra League are united and united today. Few people are not present here. I hope that the leaders of Tangail District Awami League present here will take responsible decisions so that the Upazila Awami League can work unitedly in the upcoming national parliament elections. The chief guest at the meeting was Agriculture Minister and member of the presidium of Bangladesh Awami League. Abdur Razzaq. Vice President of Upazila Awami League. District Awami League President and District Council Chairman Fazlur Rahman Khan was the main speaker in the public meeting chaired by Anisur Rahman. Upazila Awami League joint editor Abdul Alim spoke among others, District Awami League General Secretary and Member of Parliament Joaherul Islam, Member of Parliament Md. Chanwar Hossain, Member of Parliament Hasan Imam Khan Sohail Hazari, Member of Parliament Ataur Rahman Khan, Member of Parliament Khan Ahmed Shubo, Member of Parliament Ahsanul Islam Titu, Member of Parliament Tanveer Hasan Chhota Moni, Vice President of District Awami League Khandkar Ashrafuzzaman Smriti, Organizing Secretary Md. Jamilur Rahman Miron, Central Awami Jubo League presidium member Advocate Mamunur Rashid Mamun, Delduar Upazila Awami League President Khandkar Fazlul Haque and others.

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