A five-year-old child was raped in Goland of Rajbari. In this incident, the police arrested a young man named Kamrul Islam Shiru (42) from his house in Ward No. 9 of Goland Municipality. Kamrul Islam is the son of deceased Nur Mohammad Munsi of Qaimuddin Pramanik Para area of Ward No. 9 of Shiru Municipality. He is a truck driver by profession. The child is about her grandson. Earlier, the child was raped in the house of Kamrul Islam Shibu in Kaimuddin Pramanik Para area on Wednesday around 4 pm. The child is enrolled in a play group at the local Brack School. The child’s mother said she was working after leaving her daughter (5) to play in the yard around 4 pm on Wednesday. Later Shibu called her and took her home. When she called her daughter for a while, the child made a noise from the house of accused Kamrul Islam Shiru, next door. Later the child’s mother went to Shiru’s room and found the child’s pants untied and body wet, the child crying. Shibu is sitting next to him. Later, when the child was asked by his mother, he said that he had untied his pants. As soon as the child’s mother screamed, the people around came and arrested Shiru. Later the police went and arrested Shibu and brought the child to the Upazila Health Complex. Dr. Shariful Islam, the medical officer in charge of the emergency department at Golanda Upazila Health Complex, said, “We have admitted a 5-year-old child on rape charges. All will be known by examining the next child. Swapan Kumar Majumdar, OC of Goaland Ghat police station said that the accused Kamrul Islam Shiru was arrested from Kaimuddin Pramanik Para area of ward number 9 of the municipality when the local people informed about the rape allegations. Further legal action will be taken in this regard.

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