Gallachipar Mohiuddin Al Helal elected the best upazila executive officer for the second consecutive time

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In recognition of his special contribution to primary education, Galachipa upazila executive officer of Patuakhali has been selected as the best upazila executive officer (UNO) for the second time at the district level. Mohiuddin Al Helal. This information is known from the list of results signed by District Primary Education Officer and Member Secretary of Primary Education Medal Selection Committee Molla Bakhtiar Rahman. Earlier, he won the award for excellence in primary education last year while working as a UNO in Dasmina Upazila of the district. Mohiuddin Al Helal. He has also earned the honor of being selected as the best UNO of the district on June 25 this year for practicing righteousness. According to the information of the district primary education officer’s office, Galachipa, the largest upazila of Patuakhali district, was established in 1983 with 12 unions and one municipality. Two of its unions (Char Kajal and Char Biswas) are located in Durgam Char. UNO Mohiuddin Al Helal’s contribution to primary education in the region is undeniable. The students of Char area are naturally lagging behind the students of other areas of the upazila. UNO has worked through Galachipa Skill Lab to improve the quality of their education. Also, whenever he gets time between regular work, he rushes to various primary schools in the upazila. Attracting the tender children through funny stories, he sometimes teaches the students himself. School dresses, school bags, tiffin boxes, educational materials and various play materials are given as gifts to children regularly to go to school. Initiatives have been taken to improve school infrastructure and playgrounds. Encouraged to start canopy gardens, parent camps and co-educational clubs. The mother of the school regularly attended the meeting. Due to his efforts, in the last one year, the attendance of students in primary schools of Galachipa Upazila has increased and the tendency to focus on studies is increasing. Already he has undertaken 10 effective initiatives to improve the quality of education in the upazila.

Galachipa Upazila Education Officer Md. Rezaul Islam said, ‘Such achievement of our executive officer really deserves praise. He has played a significant role in primary education. We are really happy.

Galachipa Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) Md. Mohiuddin Al Helal said, it is a pleasure to receive the primary education medal for the second time in a row. Although the achievement is not much. Galachipa Skill Lab and various co-educational clubs have been launched for skill development. This achievement will encourage me to implement my future work plan with education. Although this medal is not something great, I am personally happy.

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