Fraud in the name of lending by United Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Ltd. in Kamalganj

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Moshahid Ahmed

Moulvibazar Correspondent

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Eati Akter

Sub editor

 In Kamalganj United Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Ltd has been accused of stealing lakhs of rupees saved from the customers with the assurance of giving large amount of loans. The authorities have closed the office of Shamser Nagar, Bagan Roadstha Samity (Cooperative Registration No. 371) with the huge amount of money saved by the customers. Men and women who are waiting for customers to return their savings and loans go to the company’s office every day, but return empty-handed without finding anyone. The gang is grabbing lakhs of rupees by cheating the helpless tea workers in particular. Among them, the beauty of Shamser Nagar Tea Garden, Saju Pandit 50 thousand, Patrakhala Tea Garden Kunti Satnami 8 thousand Taka, Alinagar Tea Garden Tanya Akhter 7 thousand 2 hundred Taka, Khuki Munda Bagichhara Garden 20 thousand Taka, Lakshman Munda 11 One thousand Taka, Beauty Lohar Shamsernagar 90 thousand Taka, Shefali Roy, 10 thousand 4 hundred and 75 Taka, Sujit, Alinagar tea garden 20 thousand Taka, Meera, Shamser Nagar 8 thousand 2 hundred Taka, Basuki Munda, Debakshara, 22 thousand Taka. Also, they are stealing lakhs of rupees from various people including Debakshacha tea garden, Shamser Nagar tea garden, Alinagar tea garden. It is known that savings are collected from customers by assuring large amount of loans. Hundreds of men and women have been victims of fraud. Several victims said that the manager of the association, Abdul Khalek, and his associates went to villages including gardens to collect members. They become members of the association by paying Tk 50 for admission fee and Tk 50 for other documents. Then they were given pass book. Most of the members apply for loans of lakhs of rupees. of debt Funds are collected from members for savings. The people of the association formed a central structure with members in different villages. A number of local people said – ‘A big fraud has been committed against the tea workers of the garden, day laborers and simple people of the village. Money will be recovered from this gang if law enforcement forces intervene. When asked about this, Sarezmin United Savings and Loans Cooperative Society Ltd office went to the office and found the office closed. At that time, the manager of the association, Abdul Khalek, said on the phone – We will return the money to the customers. A compromise was reached through local people. He could not give a correct answer to the question why the office was closed.

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