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The death toll from a wildfire in Hawaii’s Maui County has risen to 67. Hundreds more are still missing. Moreover, the firefighters are still trying to control the fire.

Governor Jose Greene described the day as a “heartbreaking day,” saying at least 1,700 homes were destroyed and thousands displaced in the historic town of Lahaina.

He said that 80 percent of the city’s area has been destroyed by the fire. The fire started last Tuesday. It was later spread widely due to the strong winds generated by Hurricane Dora.

After that the authorities evacuated about 14 thousand tourists from there. However, the authorities have not yet found many people due to the breakdown of electricity and internet communication systems. Residents of Lahaina who survived the fire said there were no warning signs to warn them when the wildfire was approaching their homes.

About 11,000 people in Maui are without power amid the disaster, according to city officials.

Maui County Mayor Richard Bysen warned those who have left their homes and are staying in shelters not to return home immediately.

Authorities on the island of Maui say it will take years and hundreds of billions of dollars to overcome the massive damage caused by the wildfires. Governor Greene said this is possibly the largest natural disaster in the history of Hawaii Island.

Gov. Jose Greene said homes must be built for thousands of displaced people. Initially 2000 rooms have been requested in hotels for them.

He also requested the people in the areas where people can still live to provide shelter to the homeless in the spare rooms of their houses.

He said, this is the biggest natural disaster in the history of Hawaii Island. The death toll is still rising. Hundreds of houses were destroyed.

He added that it will take many years to rebuild Lahaina. This city is the main focus of the fire.

“You’d be surprised to see the devastation in Lahaina,” Greene said. All buildings have to be rebuilt. It will be a new Lahaina.

On the other hand, the local coast guard said they rescued seventeen people from the coastal town of Lahaina. Many people jumped into the sea to escape from the intense heat.

Local police say they don’t know how many people are still missing. But the number will not be less than one thousand.

Police Chief John Petellier, however, said that does not mean these people are dead.

The entire island now has no electricity or internet. Because of that, it has become difficult to find people, he said.

Meanwhile, Maui’s Forestry Department said hundreds of acres of forest have burned since Tuesday in multiple wildfires.

Small fires are burning in many places. The situation is still dangerous. Maui Forestry Chief Brad Ventura advised people to stay out of the “fire zone,” commenting.

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