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Every human has a dream. But when you step on the path of your dreams, there are obstacles one after another. The person who overcomes these obstacles will be successful. Today I will talk about such a social worker. Who has overcome many obstacles and established himself as a successful person. He is none other than Aditamari’s successful and popular Upazila Chairman Imrul Kayes Farooq.

Farooq Aditmari is working tirelessly to fulfill the expectations of the common people of Upazila. Still, people have hope. He worked tirelessly to improve the fortunes of the common people with his hard work, courage, willpower, concentration and talent, implemented Nixon Chowdhury’s development activities in a fair and orderly manner, above all to realize Sheikh Hasina’s dream of Digital Bangladesh and to win the Awami League going to the next election.

He also thinks that he will be successful in this work. So he is getting everyone’s support. Due to his success as the upazila chairman, he is respected everywhere in Aditmari today. A symbol of youth, this man defies both his age and experience. It seems that he is not new in his activities. He is very old. He has a lot of experience.

These successful people have stories behind them, it’s like a fairy tale. And from those stories, people find a way to dream, a new motivation to move forward.

We were talking about Farooq Imrul Kayes (35), the successful chairman of Aditmari Upazila Parishad.

Since taking charge of Aditmari Upazila Parishad, he has been able to gain the trust of the common people by playing a leading role in the significant development of the upazila. His constant efforts for the development of the poor people of the area have won praise from all quarters. He showed his face in the area by showing responsibility in the implementation of various projects including road development, special contribution in education and health services, social development. The image of the team has improved with him. Known as the bright face of Aditmari Upazila, this man has been praised in many ways by various organizations due to his success. Social worker Farooq Imrul Kayes is one of the patrons of various socio-cultural organizations including many mosques, madrasas, schools-colleges, orphanages. In personal life he is very humble, gentle, always smiling and white hearted person. He has no pride. This innocent man is loved by all, regardless of party affiliation.

In the last upazila election, he was elected by a large number of votes, beating many senior leaders of A.League. Common people were satisfied and worked for him in the electoral field. He works for the common man above all else. Despite his young age, he did not lose his spirit. Starting from the party leaders and workers, this successful man runs into the danger of every person. He is already known in the area as a white minded, generous minded and charitable person.

According to the common people of the upazila, we do not understand the leader or the upazila chairman. Farooq Imrul Kayes is a good man. He is a working man. If he holds the post of upazila chairman, we will benefit. He is easily found by our side in our sufferings.

In a private conversation, Upazila Chairman Farooq Imrul Kayes told this reporter that since the area is underdeveloped, they have to work harder for development since taking responsibility. I always have their help to improve the fortunes of my common people. I will try to be with them in the future. I will sacrifice my life if necessary to carry out their development activities. Besides, I will dedicate myself to change the fate of common people. God bless me with it.

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