Famous film director Sohanur Rahman Sohan was laid to rest next to his wife in Tangail

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The body of famous director of Bengali films Sohanur Rahman Sohan has been buried in Tangail Central Cemetery next to his wife.
Sohanur Rahman Sohan, the famous director of Bengali cinema, was laid to rest next to his wife on Thursday (September 14) morning.
Meanwhile, the famous director’s family is mourning the death of husband and wife in the last 24 hours. According to the family members, director Sohanur Rahman Sohan’s wife Priya Rahman died of a brain stroke in a private hospital in the capital last Tuesday night. The next day, after the burial of his wife in Tangail, he left for his own bus building in Dhaka. After going home and having lunch, this talented director fell asleep in a tired body. When family members woke him up around three o’clock, there was no response from him. Later, when he was taken to the hospital, the doctor on duty declared him dead. In the night, his in-laws reached Palashtali area of ​​Tangail city. Relatives and local residents have been flocking to see the face of this talented director since Thursday morning. He was buried next to his wife’s grave in Tangail Central Cemetery after the funeral at Tangail Old Bus Stand Jame Masjid at 9 am.
It is known that Bengali filmmaker Sohanur Rahman Sohan directed his first film ‘Biswas Abiswas’. Salman Shah, Moushumi, Poppy and Erin Zaman came to the film by the hand of this producer. This talented director was also the director of Shakib Khan’s first released movie.
Notable movies are – ‘Beiswa Abiswa’, ‘Kayamat To Kayamat’, ‘Amar Ghar Amar Behesht’, ‘Amar Desh Amar Sohanur Rahman Sohan served as Secretary General and Vice President twice in Bangladesh Film Directors Association.
Meanwhile, during the funeral and burial of this famous director in Tangail, no director and heroines were present.

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