Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. These children will be the leaders of a future nation. They are the rulers of the world. Therefore, they should be well-educated in moral and mental education while they are young. And parents and family education is their main education in educating these children in good education. Children mainly learn about education, morals, ideals or patriotism from their parents. So parents are the first ideal teacher of the child. Or parents are considered by children as their first ideal teachers. And for that reason, the role of parents is the most important or necessary in the child’s growth and intellectual development. Family is one of the social institutions. Parents are one of the teachers of this institution. That is why it is said that family education is very important for a child and it must be ideal education. And with this will be added the degree of institutional education. Family is a child’s first school. Children’s education begins with their parents. Basically, children learn about education, morals, ideals or patriotism from their parents. So parents are the first ideal teacher of the child. Or parents are considered by children as their first ideal teachers. And for that reason, the role of parents is most important or necessary in the growth of a child. George Washington, America’s first president, said about the role of parents in raising a child, “The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is my mother.” I am forever indebted to my mother. All my achievements in life are from him. Morality, intelligence or the result of physical education – all got from him. On the other hand, Napoleon Bonaparte, the emperor of France or the former king of Italy, said – You give me an ideal mother, I will give you an ideal nation. It has been said in another place – mother’s education is the foundation of child’s future, mother is the child’s best school. According to experts, if a few things are taken care of, the child can achieve success. Things parents need to keep in mind for their child’s success – The greatest success in life is to be a good and enlightened person and strive for it. His child must be human first. So values should be taught from childhood. Honesty, fairness, modesty, shame, the difference between truth and falsehood should be understood. Let’s not forget that the family is the biggest place of education for the child.

No And parents are the greatest teachers. The biggest role model for a child or a child is his parents. Children love imitation. They always idolize their parents and want to be like them by imitating them in everything. This is why parents need to be more careful. And in fact, we have to present ourselves as role models in front of the child for the better future of the child. If someone in the family does a favor, thank them. Express gratitude. Come out of this idea that you can’t thank him for being the man of the house. This small step of yours will teach the child a sense of gratitude. If someone in the family makes a mistake, express regret to each other. The child should be given the opportunity to be social from an early age. Allowing him to play with his peers, not helping his parents if there is a problem, encouraging him to solve his problems with his friends. But parents must see that the child does not go in the wrong direction while learning socialization. In some cases, you have to watch from a distance. The child should be given small responsibilities of the house from 5 years. Through this, his sense of responsibility will develop. This knowledge of responsibility will help him to succeed in various areas of life. Responsible people get success in life one day or the other. So give responsibility to the child in proportion to his age. For example, tidying up toys after playing, keeping the reading table clean, learning how to tie shoelaces, etc. A baby’s safest place after birth is the mother’s lap. The mother, showered with utmost care and love, jumps into the struggle to raise the child as a human being. When the child begins to speak, the mother introduces the world around it. If the mother inculcates the education of calling good to be good and evil to be bad from the time of birth, then it is hoped that this child will grow up as a character and honest person. So there is no doubt that parents are the main teachers of moral education of the child. An educated family can educate the child in good education. Parents in our country are very active in providing good education to their children. But they themselves do not adopt awareness. Parents are now so aware that when the baby cries after birth, they are told stories, rhymes or poems to calm them down. Music, cartoons, luxury videos on mobiles make children calm. Even when the child does not want to eat, he is shown the mobile. Even when the child does not want to sleep, he is made to sleep by looking at the mobile phone. If the parents were so aware, was this supposed to happen?


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