Evacuation of illegal structures in joint operation of upazila administration and forest department

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Mohammad Aman Ullah

Cox's Bazar Correspondent

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Eati Akter


The forest department has carried out an operation to clear the illegal structures built by occupying the land of the government forest department under the jurisdiction of Cox’s Bazar South Forest Department. Last Thursday (March 9), in a day-long operation, two illegally constructed paved buildings were demolished in a joint operation in South Mahuripara area under the link road beat cum check station of Cox’s Bazar range. ) Md. Zillur Rahman, Sadar Upazila, Sadar Range Officer of Cox’s Bazar South Forest Division, Sameer Ranjan Saha. According to Forest Department sources, the operation started in the morning in the South Mahuripara area under the link road beat cum check station of Cox’s Bazar range. The building was demolished. The forest division authorities said that the operation will continue. Sadar range officer Sameer Ranjan Saha said that currently some land grabbers are occupying the land of the forest department and building structures or houses in Elka of Cox’s Bazar. Our campaign against them will continue. The forest department will take legal action against those who do not obey the forest laws. Md. Sohail Hossain, Bit Officer of Link Road Bit, said that the encroachers who encroached government forest land and built illegally will never be safe from the law and zero tolerance has been declared against the encroachers. On the same day, the government land was rescued from the encroachers by demolishing the structure built by the encroachers in the area called Samitipara of Kasturaghat bit of Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila. We need to save these places. Then the environment will be saved. But now some unscrupulous land grabbers have taken over the forest land and started building houses. Our operation against them will be ongoing. Link road beat officer Md Sohail Hossain, Himchari beat officer Kamruzzaman Shovan, Cheinda beat officer Fachiul Alam Shubo, Kasturaghat beat officer Catching U Marma along with various staff and CPGs of Cox’s Bazar forest range participated in the operation.

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