Dilapidated condition of various important roads in Barura, each one is like a death trap

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Liton Mazumdar

Barura Correspondent

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Eati Akter

Sub editor

 On the road in front of Barura police station in Comilla district, people from different parts of Bangladesh, including 15 unions of Barura upazila and Barura municipality, waiting for the service of Barura police station suffered. In addition, the police station authorities were hindered in providing emergency services when asked about this from the officer in charge of Barura police station Md Feroz Hossain, he said that if I inform the Barura LGED engineer Md Jahangir Alam about this road, he assured that the work will be completed soon. This matter is known from the on-site investigation of various important roads of Barura Upazila, the dilapidated condition of many roads in various unions and municipal areas of the upazila. LGD Engineer Md. Jahangir Alam went to the upazila office and asked about this, he said that we have given the work to the contractor. I will talk to the contractor about the progress of the work. Because he was busy at that time, he told the reporter that if he asked for the contractor’s mobile number and name to talk to him, he said he would talk to him later. In other wards of the municipality, people went to some other roads and saw the bad condition of the roads. At that time, while talking to the people, they expressed mixed reactions. Among them, the road from College Road to the Municipal Building in Ward No. 3 of the municipality was dug three months ago, but the suffering of the people is not over due to the slowness of the work. Ward No. 1 of the municipality has dug the road from the main road from Barura to Adda to Kalamuri village for the past 15 months but the work has not been completed yet due to slow progress. Also, the road from Kanchiapukuria Government Primary School junction of Ward No. 02 of Shakpur Union No. 08 of Barura Upazila to Nishchintpur is in bad condition. It is known that since independence till now no initiative has been taken for paving. Although it has been officially registered repeatedly. There are many such roads in different unions of Barura Upazila which have the same condition. Even after repeatedly raising this issue, the local people did not get any remedy except for the assurance during the election.

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