Dengue situation, treatment of 422 people in 40 days in Brahmanbaria

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Moynal Bhuiyan

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 The number of dengue patients in Brahmanbaria is increasing day by day. A total of 422 people have been diagnosed with dengue in the last 40 days. However, most of these dengue patients are infected from Dhaka. However, no one has died in the district so far.

According to the information received from the Civil Surgeon’s office, 13 people have been infected with dengue in the last 24 hours. Out of this, two people have been admitted to District Headquarters Hospital, four in Bancharampur, one in Vijaynagar, two in Nabinagar, three in Nasirnagar, one in Akhaura. 13 people returned home with treatment in 24 hours.

According to the information received, maximum 22 dengue patients are admitted in Nasirnagar Upazila Health Complex. 21 people are admitted in District Headquarters Hospital. The total number of patients admitted in the district is 69. The rest returned home after treatment. On July 4, the first dengue patient was diagnosed in Brahmanbaria.

On Saturday afternoon, going to the fourth floor of the district headquarters hospital, it was seen that dengue patients were being treated in a new ward. But there is no bed for them. They are receiving treatment by spreading their own beds on the floor. All patients are covered with mosquito nets.

On the way to enter the ward, water is being poured on the head of a young man. It is known that his name is Soleman. Back home. Parents are pouring water on his head. Other relatives are also around. Soleman, a young salon worker of Bakail village in Sadar Upazila, returned home from Dhaka eight to ten days ago, said his father Joynal Mia. He had abdominal pain and nausea from the day he came home. He was admitted to the hospital a week ago when he was diagnosed with dengue.

A woman named Sufia Begum of Dharmanagar village of Kasbar Upazila said that her daughter Nasima has been suffering from measles for several days. He was brought to District Headquarters Hospital on Saturday when he was diagnosed with dengue. Nasima has episodes of vomiting with nausea.

Dr. Brahmanbaria civil surgeon. Mohammad Ekram Ullah said that new dengue patients are being admitted every day in all the government hospitals of the district. A thorough inquiry is being made into their medical affairs. He said that most of the dengue victims came from Dhaka.

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Moynal Bhuiyan

Brahmanbaria Correspondent

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