Demra in sister’s property was forgery brother, journalist is threatened with death

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Nargis Akhter of Ranimahal under Demra Thana bought six and a half katha land in 2005 with the help of her brother Gias Uddin for Tk 24 lakhs. Nargis Begum was working in Korea when the land was purchased. Nargis took the responsibility of buying the land by trusting his brother, while Giyas Uddin secretly deeded three kata of land in his name without telling younger sister Nargis, which was a planned fraud of brother Giyas Uddin. When Nargis came to the country and came to know about the incident, she told her brother Ghiyas Uddin, Ghiyas Uddin said, “I will write you back” and again in 2010, he fraudulently wrote the remaining three and a half plots of land from Nargis. Victim Nargis says he is my own brother I believed him, as he said I made a mistake I will give you back your place so I signed believing. Moreover, he did not take me to the registry office and took the signature on the white stamp and since I was my own brother, there was nothing to mistrust. Therefore, believing that I have become the best, I want his exemplary punishment. I sat with my only uncle, elder brother, elder sister, sister’s son, brother-in-law, and uncles several times on the matter.

Nargis, the victim, said that after repeatedly sitting at home and not getting the place back from her, I sought the cooperation of the general secretary of Demra Press Club, Mohammad Salim Nizami. uncle, elder brother and mediating journalist Salim Nizami said that the land will be returned after three days. But the land was not returned but I was made desperate to leave this house by the terrorist about which I filed another complaint against Bhai Gias Uddin in Demra police station. Moreover, I have filed a case of annulment of the document in the court against the deed that my brother cheater Giyas Uddin has fraudulently written from me. I am shocked and horrified because my brother Ghiyas Uddin stood beside me and called my younger sister Parveen Akhter’s mobile phone who lives in my house and said that journalist Salim Nizami will be sent to the hospital with broken arms and legs which I did not think was desirable at all. At present, SI Tahidul Islam is engaged as an investigating officer regarding the complaint lodged at Demra police station against fraudster Ghiyasuddin. SI Tauhid said that despite calling Giyas Uddin to the police station repeatedly to verify the truth of the incident, he is not coming these days. While talking to the accused Ghiyas Uddin on the phone, he said that my sister gave money and got a place, the incident is true, please don’t write, I will give the land. Regarding the threat, the general secretary of Demra Press Club, Md. Salim Nizami, said that while presenting the true and objective information, if the assault case will be made a victim. Either it has nothing to do with it but I would say the victim Nargis gets back the land fraudulently taken by brother Ghiyas Uddin.

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