Cost of production increased, price of one egg is 14 Tk!

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There has been volatility in the egg market for the past two days. In the capital’s retail market, eggs from each dozen farms are being sold at Tk 165. And neighborhood grocery stores are selling at a maximum of 170 taka, which was 150 taka earlier. Despite the all-time record in egg prices, the regulatory body is playing a silent role. As a result, a common egg buyer could buy 12 taka earlier, but now they have to spend 14-15 taka. In this, from the market to the neighborhood grocers, the desperation of the poor is increasing as the prices are higher.

Meanwhile, prices of almost all types of products including rice, dal, oil, sugar, flour, flour have increased in the market. In addition to the lower class, the middle class has also increased. Apart from this, due to lack of capacity, ordinary people are now unable to buy fish and meat. So those who used to collect rice twice a day with eggs, their expenses also increased. Marketing to the poor has now become a matter of great emotional distress.

Government agency Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) says that the price of farm eggs per hali (four pieces) has increased by 7.14 percent in the last two days. And compared to the same period last year, each egg is being sold at a 25 percent higher price. A dozen eggs were sold at Tk 165 in the capital’s retail market on Wednesday. And the neighborhood grocery store sold a maximum of 170 taka, which was 150 taka two days ago. And at the same time last year, a dozen eggs were sold at Tk 130. As a result, every egg is being sold at an increase of Tk 40 over the course of a year.

He came to buy eggs in the capital’s new market. Hamidur Rahman said that the price of all products in the market is increased. So I can’t buy good food with the money I earn from driving the van. Most of the time the family has to collect rice with eggs. But the price of these eggs is also increasing abnormally. There is no one to see.

Tuhin, a businessman in the same market, said that the prices of eggs and chickens have been suddenly increased in the wholesale market like last year. But there is no crisis in the wholesale market. They want to increase the price at one time of the year to make more profit. This has happened this time too. Even though there are several supervisory agencies in the country, they are not able to do anything. Rather, we have to pay a fine if we bring it at a higher price and sell it at a higher price.

Meanwhile, the president of Bangladesh Poultry Association Suman Howladar said that several corporate companies control the price of chicken, eggs and feed. Marginal farmers produce 90 percent of the total demand for eggs and poultry. Although producing only 10 percent of eggs and chickens, corporate companies with the help of the Ministry of Livestock are controlling the monopoly market. Marginal farmers are under threat even though they have benefited by increasing the price of eggs and chicken from time to time.

He said, a national committee was formed in 2010 with poultry stakeholders for market management from the Department of Livestock. The committee formulated strategy papers on poultry feed, chicks, eggs and chickens but it has not been implemented so far. Although the Department of Livestock is allowed to operate mobile courts for market regulation, it is not supervised. As a result, companies force marginal farmers to contract. By reducing the production of eggs and chickens, the price of poultry feed and chicks increases, leaving the farmers in the face of losses. In this situation, if the government does not take appropriate steps, the marginal poultry industry will face destruction. In this, the egg and chicken market will go beyond the purchasing power of the people.

However, Tejgaon Egg Traders Association President Amanat Ullah said that the demand for eggs is always high during the monsoon season. The supply of vegetables in the market has decreased due to recent rains. The price of fish is also high. For this, consumers are turning to eggs. On the other hand, the daily demand for eggs is not being produced. Because farmers are selling egg-producing adult hens. Apart from that, there is no accurate account of demand and production of eggs. Because of this, a little increase in demand has a quick impact on the market. This has happened this time too.

Sources in the market watchdog National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection said on Wednesday that the price of eggs had been regulated due to anarchy in egg prices last year. Action was also taken against the dishonest. The campaign will be conducted considering the interests of consumers. But there are also concerned ministries and departments to look into it. Why is the price of eggs increasing, whether the cost of production has increased; The concerned organization can say it well. We will take action if the concerned institution Directorate of Livestock or Ministry of Livestock asks us to work on this matter.

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