Concern has been expressed over the fact that the main perpetrators of the attack on three journalists in Brahmanbaria

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Moynal Bhuiyan

Brahmanbaria Correspondent

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Eati Akter


 Concern has been expressed over the fact that the main perpetrators of the attack on three journalists in Brahmanbaria’s Akhaura were not arrested for three days. On Monday afternoon, a meeting of the Akhaura Press Club expressed concern and warned of a program if the hosts are not arrested quickly. Meanwhile, the court denied bail to four of the five arrested in connection with the attack and sent them to jail on Monday. A total of 10 people have been accused in the case, but the rest are still arrested. The attack on journalists took place on April 1, Saturday afternoon while attending the mobile court. The police immediately arrested five people in this incident. Upazila Press Club President Rubel Ahmed Akhaura was treated at the Upazila Health Complex among the journalists injured in the attack. The other two journalists who were attacked are Zayzaydin’s Akhaura representative Kazi Hannan Khadem and the country’s transformation representative Md. Jalal Hossain Mamun. In this incident, press club president in the conference room of the Zilla Parishad building. A protest meeting was held under the chairmanship of Manik Mia. Among others, Abdul Momin Babul, Nurunnabi Bhuiyan, Kazi Mafiqul Islam, Rakibul Islam, Juton Banik, Kala Kanthe Brahmanbaria district representative journalist Biswajit Pal Babu, MM Jalil, Md. Zahirul Islam, Mosharraf Hossain, Anisur Rahman, Ashish Saha, Ismail Hossain. At that time, the three journalists affected Hannan Khadem, Rubel Ahmed and Jalal Hossain presented the details of the incident. Md. in the meeting. Moynal Hossain, Anisur Rahman and Ashish Saha were inducted as new members of the press club. Meanwhile, at the Reporters’ Unity meeting at the same place, concerns were expressed about this. At that time, a new committee of Reporters Unity was formed with Abdul Momin Babul as the president and Juton Banik as the general secretary, Kazi Mafiqul Islam as the vice president, Zahirul Islam Sagar as the joint general secretary and Anisur Rahman as the organizing secretary.

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